Top Ten Tuesday – What’s In a Name?

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As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by names. As a child I treasured my dog-eared copy of a baby name book that I read over and over.  I love the meaning of names. I love how a name may or may not match a person’s character or personality. And so, for this week’s freebie, I wanted to focus on fictional character names that I either thought were interesting, unique or pretty.

Dodge Kingston & Echo Yazzie in  Sunrise – Dodge is an appropriate sounding name for an outdoorsy guy raised in Alaska. Interestingly enough, this Dodge has two brothers also named after vehicles. And if Echo isn’t unique enough for a woman, add that last name and you have an interesting female character.

Amelie St. James in The Brightest Star in Paris – I’ve always thought the name Amelie charming. But I also like the juxtaposition of a French first name with a British-sounding last name here.

FoxHook, Line & Sinker and Love Practically – This must be one of those unique, but not too bizarre names that is becoming trendy, as it is the hero’s name in two new releases.

Savannah Cade in  Meet Me in the Margins – I’ve always loved the name Savannah (and the city too), but there really isn’t a great shortened nickname  for it. However, I loved reading about this fictional heroine who is very much like the rest of us normal average human beings.

Ottilie Russell in Tapestry of Light – Ottille sounds a little bit like Amelie but a little more forceful, doesn’t it?

Viola Buckley in Carry Me Close – This is an example of a name that is old-fashioned enough to be modern again. Plus it’s pretty and not too common.

Sebastian Grant in  Let It Be Me -This is another name I’ve always liked, but doesn’t have a very good nickname

Juniper Cohen in The Gold in These Hills – Though I can’t say it’s a name I would use, I do appreciate its’ uniqueness and how well it fits this historical heroine.

Esmée Shaw in A Heart Adrift – A lovely name that is not used very often and very befitting for a woman who makes chocolate, don’t you think?

Amory Ames in the Amory Ames Mysteries – I like the alliteration and cadence of the name for one of my favorite female sleuths. Plus it seems to suit this British aristocrat with great fashion sense.

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  1. I’m the same way – just love names! It was hell trying to name my girls because I had all these fantastic ideas and my husband was, “Nope, sorry. Too weird.” Hahahaha. Great topic!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.. Thank you!

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