Top Ten Tuesday – Places Mentioned in Books That I’d Like to Visit

Today’s Topic: Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit

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Travel is one of my passions. I love going someplace new and experiencing the culture and sights of that place. However, time and money limits the amount of travel I’m able to do.

That is one of the reason I enjoy reading. It’s armchair travel at it’s best. As soon as I crack open the pages, I’m instantly transported and experiencing that place vicariously through the characters. And of course, it also allows me to time travel, which is sadly still impossible in real life.

Here are a few of the book places I’d like to visit in real life.

From Italy With Love

European road trip in a vintage Ferrari, yes please! (France, Switzerland and Italy)

What the Wind Knows

Current and 1920’s Ireland -Let’s be honest, Ireland is a dream destination no matter the time period

A Holiday by Gaslight

An English country manor home during Christmas  -How much more cozy holiday, can you get?

Falling for You

Bradfordwood, a family manor turned Bed and Breakfast in Washington state sounds so charming.

Murder at the Flamingo

1920’s Boston -who needs Jazz Age NYC when there’s Boston?!

Winston Brothers Series

Green Valley, Tennessee – Really, I just want to be part of the Winston family inner circle, but I do love Tennessee.

Love in Three Quarter Time, Rose in Three Quarter Time

Vienna, Austria – Thanks to McMillan, Vienna has now surpassed Paris as my top dream destination.

Five Days in Skye

Isle of Skye – but only in the summer, so I don’t freeze my patootie off.

The Things We Knew

Nantucket – Hmm, I seem to have a thing for islands…


Anne Shirley Series

Prince Edward Island – Long time bucket list trip with my mom and sister.

What are some of the bookish destinations you would like to visit?


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    1. It really does, doesn’t it? I think it’s all that vibrant emerald green and the ancient history hovering like mist everywhere.

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