Top Ten Tuesday – Places In Books I’d Love to Live

Today’s Topic: Places In Books I’d Love to Live

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I love this week’s prompt because I’ve often felt I lived in books.  Whether real places or fictional settings, a good book always makes me feel at home, much like my choices for this week’s Top Ten.

The library of the Fifth Avenue Society – Do I want to be part of the random group of strangers who meet together in the library? Yes. Do I also just want to move into the gorgeous room filled with books and stay in the cozy space forever and ever? Also, yes.

Chawton England – The Jane Austen Society – If I could go back in time to the 1940’s to be one of the people who helped establish Chawton as a destination for Austen tourists, I totally would. But, I still wouldn’t mind living in this little English village now.

Green Valley, TennesseeThe Winston Brothers & Cletus and Jen Mysteries Series) – I’m already a sucker for the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, but add in a small town full of hot bearded men and other interesting characters and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind living here.

The Bluebell Inn  in Bluebell, North CarolinaBluebell Inn Series – How could I not be drawn to a bed and breakfast run by siblings? Plus, the setting makes it sound like an ideal getaway or place to settle.

CornwallCastaway in Cornwall – I’m not sure what its about Cornwall that I find so intriguing, but I’m a sucker for books (and films) set in this corner of England.

ViennaThree-Quarter Time Series – This series has the unique honor of de-throning Paris as my favorite foreign city. While I’ve visited Paris, I’ve never been to Vienna, but McMillan’s depiction of this city is so vivid and real I feel I know it well, even as I yearn to go see it for myself.

Laurel Cove, North Carolina Laure Cove Series – Are you noticing a bit of a theme here? Small towns. North Carolina. I guess I just have a thing for these kinds of places, especially when they feature mountains or lakes, like this series does. I guess the slower pace of life and the community feel really appeals to me.

ThornecrestDeception at Thornecrest – Though Milo and Amory traveled all over England in this series, it’s not until the last title that we finally get to see them at home. And what a lovely estate it is. I wouldn’t mind moving in there and enjoying trips to the local village with Amory, even if it does include a little spot of murder ocassionally.

NYC Gilded AgeLions & Lace – This is an era which doesn’t get as much attention in fiction or entertainment as it should. I really can’t get enough of the social and industrial changes that helped create America’s wealthy elite who saw themselves as royalty. I would love to live just a little bit of it to see what it was like.

Doolin Ireland – The Long Walk – In this second book of one of my favorite series, we all get the pleasure of enjoying small-town? small-village? living in Ireland (with occasional jaunts to the city). It all sounds so cozy and charming and I’m glad I get to experience it vicariously.

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