Top Ten Tuesday – My Most-Read Authors

Today’s Topic: Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

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This certainly is an interesting choice for this week’s topic. It could be assumed that most read author would also mean favorite author. However, this is not necessarily the case.

There are authors whose book count is high for me, but my reading tastes have since changed and I no longer care for their writing style or subject. Then there are authors who I adore, but who don’t release new titles as frequently as others, so obviously aren’t on this list.

In any case, it was interesting researching my reading history. I was surprised by some of these numbers!

I have chosen my favorite of each author’s books to feature as a visual.

18 – Ronie Kendig

Kendig describes her books as Rapid-Fire Fiction and boy are they ever! Her stories generally feature globe-trotting military characters and heart-pounding, adrenaline pumping, edge of your seat action.

20 – Penny Reid

I discovered Reid’s “Smart Romances” a couple of years ago and was instantly addicted. Her characters are quirky, smart, sexy and real. The banter is snarky and hilarious and the stories are unpredictable even with their happy endings.

21-  Catherine Palmer

One of my early favorite authors, Palmer is no longer publishing. But I still enjoy re-visiting some of her books, although I tend to favor her historical titles over her contemporary ones.

23 – Kristen Heitzmann

Heitzmann started out in historical fiction, but has since branched out to contemporary romance and romantic suspense. My favorite is her early three book series Diamond of the Rockies about a pampered winery heiress who moves to a rough gold town in Colorado determined to prove her independence.

26 – Denise Hunter

Ever since I read her debut novel in 2004, I’ve been an avid fan of Hunter’s sweet contemporary romances. A couple of them have even been adapted into Hallmark movies

29 – Tamara Leigh, Jude Deveraux

These two authors who write both historical and contemporary romances are tied at 29. I haven’t kept up with Deveraux’s newer releases in recent years. But I do eagerly await the latest publication of Leigh’s medieval titles.

33- Susan May Warren

A prolific writer, Warren publishes several titles each year in addition to coaching other writers. Though she does write some historical stories, she seems to have found her comfort zone with light romantic suspense. I’ve fallen behind on her recent releases, but still enjoy her story telling style.

34 – Lisa Kleypas

I’ve branched out more into general market fiction in recent years and Kleypas is one of my recent and favorite discoveries within the last year or two. As you can tell, I’ve devoured her book list, mainly because I love her characterizations.

50 – Emilie Loring

I started reading Loring’s books as a pre-teen and still enjoy them to this day. Her books were published from the 1920’s-1970’s and are contemporary to her time. I love the nostalgia they evoke and her particular story formula; including descriptive settings, patriotism, and good old fashioned New England stoicism. I even wrote about her for The Silver Petticoat Review.

60 – Gilbert Morris

While Morris has passed away and I have long since lost interest in his books, at one time I couldn’t get enough of them. He wrote multiple American historical series, including one of my all time favorites about a post-Civil War female doctor and her male nurse. His books are part of the fabric of my childhood and teenage reading years.

Who are some of your most read authors? Are they also your favorite, or have your tastes changed?

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8 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – My Most-Read Authors”

  1. I agree – my list includes writers I’ve read multiple books by, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re my favorites. They’re just authors I like who’ve published a lot of books. Interesting.

    I haven’t read any of the authors on your list. Gilbert Morris is one I haven’t heard of, but his books look like ones I might like. I’ll have to check him out.

    Happy TTT!


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