Top Ten Tuesday – My Favorite Book Marks

Today’s Topic: Favorite Bookmarks

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I decided to have some fun interpreting this week’s prompt. This one took quite a bit of research, especially for the characters. One thing that surprised me is how much more frequently the name Mark (or a variation of it) pops up in historical fiction. It doesn’t seem to be as popular a choice for contemporary book heroes.


Mark NolanChristmas Eve at Friday Harbor – This just happens to be the book that my one of my favorite holiday films is adapted from. Hallmark’s Christmas with Holly is on my must watch films every year. I actually prefer the movie to the book, even though I’m a big fan of author Lisa Kleypas.

Marcus, Lord Westcliff It Happened One Autumn – Speaking of Lisa Kleypas, she must really like the name Mark, because she used it again in this historical novel.

Markos StavrosSons of Thunder -This one features a very flawed hero and shines a light on the German occupation of Greece during WWII.

Marcus GottfriedA Beauty So Rare -It’s interesting to me that when a variation of the name Mark pops up in historical fiction, it’s often worn by a European hero. This one is a former Austrian aristocrat.

Marc WildeClandestine – Here is a contemporary Marc (love the last name!), although he does end up traveling back in time.

Marcello Falassi River of Time Series – This is an excellent YA time travel series with not just one, but two wonderful heroes. But the heroines are even better.

Mark McBrideA Star to Steer By – This Mark is not the main character, but he is a scene and heart stealer. We need more representations of Down’s Syndrome in fiction, if you ask me.



Mark of the Lion – One of my favorite series ever set in ancient Rome. And bonus it also features a male hero called Marcus!

Mark of Distinction – Book two of three in my other favorite series. It’s an intricately told heart-wrenching story with a stunning ending.

Mark of Salvation – This is an old favorite of mine set in 14th century Scotland.

The Mark of the King – A fascinating look at the early residents and history of New Orleans. And double bonus, the hero’s name is Marc-Paul.



Mark Andrew Olsen – It’s been years since I read these books, but I will never forget that it introduced me to the concept of spiritual DNA.

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  1. I love your take on this weeks prompt! I don’t thinks I’ve ever watched Christmas With Holly, I’ll have to look for that one. I like those Hallmark holiday movies.

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