Top Ten Tuesday -Historical Time Periods I Want to Visit

Today’s Topic: Bookish Worlds I’d Want to/Never Want to Live In

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I’m being a  little creative in interpreting this week’s prompt. When I started thinking about bookish places I would like to live, I realized it wasn’t so much places that I was interested as time periods. I’ve always been fascinated by history. And even though time machines have not yet been invented, stories allow me the experience of visiting other times from the comfort of my own home. Now, as much as I find these other time periods fascinating, I appreciate all of the modern conveniences and comforts. So, I think a visit would be as much as I could handle.

Today I’m sharing my favorite books featuring historical periods I would love to visit.

Biblical Era -I can say with certainty that I would NOT want to live during this time. However, I would love to visit if for no other reason than to give an accurate context for one of the best selling and most famous books of all time. It’s one thing to read about history, but another to experience it personally and understand the customs, beliefs and practices of people long gone. Imagine how much more it would make the Bible come alive!

Medieval Age (5th -15th century) Of all historical periods, this one fascinates me the most. I’m not sure why as it was still rather primitive in some ways. The class system very much governed daily life, so there was no opportunity to better your lot in life. Perhaps it is the romantic notion of lords and ladies, heroic knights and castles I can’t get enough of.

Revolutionary Era America (1775-1783) -How can the birth of a nation against all odds be anything but fascinating? It was a highly political time, but also one in which each individual had to decide where they stood and stand by that decision at great cost. I have great admiration for anyone and everyone who is willing to stand by what they believe. I particularly admire our early patriots whose one unifying goal was freedom.

Regency England (1811-1820) -Though I know this brief era was not without its’ problems, in books and film it is always portrayed as a time of grace, manners, polish and self-restraint.

Gilded Age New York (1870’s-1900’s) -This age was one of growth, expansion and extreme wealth. The wealthiest New Yorkers were included in a list of “The 400”, families deemed socially acceptable by Mrs. Astor who was the queen of society. These people spent enormous sums flaunting their wealth in an undeclared competition of who had the most money while the poor of New York City lived and died in slums. It was a time of grand opulence, America’s version of royalty.

The Jazz Age (1920’s America) -The twenties were a time of great change and transition in America, especially for women. Fashion changed drastically with rising hemlines, and pageboy haircuts. Along with getting the vote, women became more politically involved and experimented with their freedom and started expressing their opinions and personalities.


This decade was one of both war and prosperity I’m particularly fascinated by stories of survivors and those of “the greatest generation”.

Historical Scotland

Scotland in any historical time period holds an allure for me. There is something somewhat romantic about the Scots fierce independence and hardiness. Then of course there is the romanticism of lairds, kilts(plaids), the Highlands, the heather and the lochs.


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2 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday -Historical Time Periods I Want to Visit”

  1. You’re far braver than I! Much as I enjoy these time periods in BBC films, I feel like I wouldn’t last two seconds in these worlds. 😉 That said, I do have a fondness for the Gilded and Jazz ages, and even WWII. These are among some of my most favorite period drama eras to watch. Great collection of books, Brittaney – I spy SO many favorites. 🙂

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