Top Ten Tuesday -Hidden Gems in Books, Series and Authors

Today’s Topic: Hidden Gems (which books haven’t been talked about as much or haven’t been marketed as strongly that you think deserve some recognition?)

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Ooh, I love this week’s topic. Nothing excites me more than discovering a wonderful book or author, that no one else is talking about yet. I love to share these discoveries with other readers. Partly because I’m proud to have found something no one else is talking about but mainly because I like to share the love.  This week’s choices are a mixture of hidden gem authors, series and/or books that I think deserve more praise and attention.

Girl Next Door Series by Amy Leigh Simpson

I know you guys have seen this one show up on my blog before. But I still don’t see it pop up much elsewhere. This romantic suspense series is full of emotional and mental tension with red hot romances and chilling villains. I’ve never yet guessed the bad guy. If Spring Comes review.

Becky Doughty

I’ve read two series by this indie author and loved them. The four book series The Gustafson Girls follows four grown but orphaned sisters. Having two sisters myself I really enjoyed reading the interactions of the Gustafsons. But Doughty’s YA The Fallout Series is still my favorite from her.

Oceanswept Trilogy by Lara Hays

I totally got wrapped up in this YA historical pirate series of a young aristocrat who falls for a pirate and takes to the high seas. I’m still waiting on book three to be released with the conclusion.

The Bridge by Jill Cox

This is another one I’ve featured many times. But it is soooo good! Fans of Stephanie Perkins will enjoy this similarly styled tale of a college student falling for her nemesis while studying in Paris as part of an exchange program. To learn more about why I love this story, read my review.

Storm and Silence Series -Robert Thier

This may be my favorite series discovery this year. A hot tempered, determined suffragette clashes with her cold-hearted patriarchal boss in what I call the Adventures of Lilly and Ambrose. Since only three of the series books are available on Amazon, I actually joined Radish so I could read books 4 & 5 and an affiliated novella. My reviews on Storm and Silence and In the Eye of the Storm.

Nichole Van

I love this author’s time travel/time-slip stories. The House of Oak series features five books with characters traveling through a time portal in a cozy English cottage back to Regency England. And then there is the Brothers Maldetti series about Italian triplets who have inherited a family curse which allows them to interact with the past in strange ways. I honestly can’t decide which series I like better. But I know I love the author’s light romantic comedy style. My review on Love’s Shadow.

Rebecca Connolly

I recently discovered this author and what I would call her historical romantic comedies. I might even label a few of her books as screwball comedy. I’ve only read her Arrangements Series, but I love that it features a group of male friends and their romances.

In the Light of the Garden by Heather Burch

If you’ve never read a Heather Burch novel, what are you waiting for. I would classify them as women’s fiction with a light romance focus. In the Light of the Garden is probably my favorite so far, and I’ve read every book she has released. For more info about this novel, here is my review.

California Rising Series by Paula Scott

Anyone who pays attention knows I’m a sucker for historical fiction. I used to get in trouble for reading ahead in my textbook during history class, so that’s no surprise. I love historical fiction because it educates, entertains and inspires while bringing the past to life. Having grown up in Texas I know very little about California’s history. The author is a native and did an excellent job weaving facts into this series while telling the stories of fictional characters.

Amory Ames Series -Ashley Weaver

If you, like me, enjoy British cozy mystery series, then you should understand why I love this book series. Set in 1930’s England a wealthy young woman plays amateur detective while engaged in a hot and cold romance with her own husband. I almost feel like Amory and Milo could be the British version of Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man series, only without all the silly teasing. My reviews for Murder at the Brightwell and Death Wears a Mask.

Have you discovered any great bookish hidden gems?



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