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Today’s Topic:  Book Quote Freebie (Share your favorite book quotes that fit a theme of your choosing! These could be quotes about books/reading, or quotes from books. Some examples are: quotes for book lovers, quotes that prove reading is the best thing ever, funny things characters have said, romantic declarations, pretty scenery descriptions, witty snippets of dialogue, etc.)

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I’m always a fan of a good quote, no matter where it originates. This week I’m sharing quotes from some of my recent reads. There’s no real theme, just thoughts, statements and ideas from bookish characters that stood out to me.

Tempting Fate

 On romances- “Why read them if you know the ending?” She turned to look up at him, her expression both playful and profound. “Because one likes to watch the journey unfold. We all know how life ends, don’t we? But we don’t live it to hurry toward death. It’s the matter in the middle that’s the most important. Besides, I know romance might not be the most respected subject, but there are times when one needs to know that at least in one story, everything ends as it should… happily.”

Book Lovers

…this wanting, it feels good, like a bruise you need to press on, a reminder that there are things in life so valuable that you must risk the pain of losing them for the joy of briefly having them.

Ten Trends to Seduce Your Best Friend

“You need to learn how to trust all on your own, without being certain. Uncertainty in a relationship continues after the I love yous. You must learn how to operate on faith if you want it to last.”

But if there was one experience with which I had intimate familiarity, it was that love isn’t love when it enables selfish, destructive behavior. Love isn’t love when it makes excuses for abusive and hurtful choices. It becomes twisted, a perversion. It becomes cowardice.

Shadowed Loyalty

Maybe if she let him see the light in her, it would lead him toward the One who lit it. If not tonight, then tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. The job of a candle was to shine despite the fact that the darkness could never comprehend it.

but it stuck with me—that forgiveness isn’t a ticket you buy, a one-time thing bought and paid for. Forgiveness is the train you choose to ride through life’s journey. You have to stay on it, even though sometimes you don’t know where it’s taking you.

The Unknown Beloved

“Bad information is worse than no information. Bad information makes you blind to the truth when it comes along.” “What about feelings. Are feelings bad information?” she asked. “Sometimes feelings are the worst information. Because we are attached to them.”

“Humans are complex creatures. We want to belong, but we can’t stand to be the same. How in the world do you force equity on humankind, when we try at every turn to differentiate ourselves from each other?”

“You can’t appease tyrants. You have to defeat them.”

Carry Me Close

“I don’t think I can tell the difference between healing and an unraveling.” “The two often look the same.”

Love Practically 

No wonder gentlemen were required to remain precisely dressed at all times. A disheveled man invited all sorts of salacious thoughts.

Having been raised by a stoically silent father, Leah understood that silence was often a conversation unto itself. Sometimes it could be as soothing as an embrace, as understanding as a long blether. Other times, silence was a noisy thing—loud and shouty and demanding attention. Not everyone was fluent in the language of silence…

“Happiness and love are akin tae strawberries.” His voice turned hoarse, and he glanced at his dwindling whisky. “Ye have tae glut yourself when the occasion arises—create memories tae see ye through the dark seasons.”

Enchanted April 

She had not been in a bed without Mellersh once now for five whole years; and the cool roominess of it, the freedom of one’s movements, the sense of recklessness, of audacity, in giving the blankets a pull if one wanted to, or twitching the pillows more comfortably! It was like the discovery of an entirely new joy.

Say It’s For Good

“God doesn’t ever write The End. Wait for the and then.”

The Brightest Star in Paris

Coffee was one of life’s luxuries, one of the things you didn’t take for granted if you’d ever had it taken away.

The London House 

“How we feel can become our reality, Caroline. Nothing is objective.” …we created our reality by what we chose to keep, what we chose to remember, and what we called truth.
is everyone seeing the same thing, but unable to face it in the same way? Or can no one see the truth at all? Is there truth here? Or only perspective?

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