Top Ten Tuesday -Favorite Novellas

Today’s Topic: Favorite Novellas/Short Stories

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This is actually an interesting topic for me as I’m not generally a fan of novellas or short stories. It often doesn’t allow enough time for proper character or plot development. However, I’ve found a few exceptions to the rule which I will share with you today. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that the majority of these are written by some of my favorite authors. Many are prequels to series, which naturally make the stories of more interest to me. Others are just very well written despite their short length.


Love in Three Quarter Time

This book did the impossible. It made me replace Paris with Vienna as the city of my dreams. It’s basically a love letter to the city of Vienna.

This Quiet Sky

Not only is this one of my favorite novellas, but it is also one of my favorite stories ever! No one writes emotional tales quite like Bischof.

Bourne & Tributary

I’m a fan of this YA time travel series so of course I love these combined novellas which give supporting characters a bit more “face” time.

Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas Tale

This is just one of the most unique stories I’ve ever read. Plus, that cover!

A December Bride

I always know I can count on Denise Hunter for a sweet romance. This one was even made into a Hallmark movie.

Then Came You

I love epistolary novels and this prequel is a great introduction to the Bradford Sisters series.

Just One Summer Collection

I’m cheating a bit with this collection of four novellas featuring the stories of four best friends written by four of my favorite authors.

Three Little Words

This prequel to one of my favorite series got me hooked on the Walker family. And bonus -this one is free!

Lovers and Madmen

I’m a huge fan of this author and I loved that she wrote this little novella featuring the love story of the Maldetti brothers’ parents.

Still Falling

Crystal Walton is a new author I’ve discovered this past year and I’m really loving her writing style

If Ever I Would Leave You

Gah!!! This prequel to the Montana Rescue series introduced a romance and a mystery that was left inconclusive for the next several books.

Second Impressions

A cute tale where Appalachia meets Bath with some Jane Austen love thrown in.

What is your opinion of novellas? Are you a fan? Do you have a favorite?

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