Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Book Related Memories

Today’s Topic: Bookish Memories (Share stories of your reading life as a child, events you’ve gone to, books that made an impression on you, noteworthy experiences with books, authors you’ve met, etc. Reminisce with me!)

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Reading has always been one of my favorite things. So, I have some good memories after a life time of reading.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Mom teaching me to read – I’ve always loved books, and would fake read along with my mom when she read them to me as a child. My life was made when she took the time to teach me how to read, using the phonics system, before I even started kindergarten. Suddenly, I didn’t have to wait to be read to, but could discover new stories for myself.

Dad reading to me at night – Most nights, my dad would sit down with me in his lap or at his side and read from Egermeier’s Bible Storybook. I loved not only the stories themselves but the beautiful illustrations. When my dad passed not too long ago, I found that big blue book filled with memories, and took it home with me.

Book It! – Do you guys remember Pizza Hut’s book reading program? Man, I loved it. I didn’t even care that much about the free pan pizzas. It was more the challenge of seeing how many books I could get through. Needless to say, I was one of the most prolific readers in my school

First time reading This Present Darkness – We all have those books that impact us deeply and permanently. This is one of those for m. The way it portrays a supernatural world made me re-think how I look at our natural one. The battle between good and evil and how the power of prayer and the ability of just one to make a difference is a lesson I return to every so often when I re- read this book

Norman Rockwell  book at my grandparents – My grandparents lived on a farm in Missouri and most of our visits there, my sisters and I lived outdoors. However, when I needed a break from all the adventures and exploring, I loved paging through my grandparents’ coffee table book. I learned to love Rockwell’s art and even insisted on visiting his home when we were in Vermont once. I’m still not sure how or why my grandparents’ had that book, but it has found a safe home with me now

Sneak reading the tabloids at Grandpa’s -Speaking of grandparents, my other grandpa always had a house full of guests, visitors, friends and family. He kept a side table full of tabloid magazine around to entertain them. My mom was not a fan and always forbid me from reading them. But I always managed to find a way to sneak one away and hide somewhere to read them.

Writing compliments – I’ve always been one who writes for myself, for the pleasure of it, for the ability to play with words. But it never fails to delight me when someone compliments me on my writing, whether that be friends and family or authors whose talent is so much greater than mine.

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10 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Book Related Memories”

  1. I almost forgot about Book It! I was definitely in it for the pizzas, but you reminded me that when the teacher asked how many books I wanted to set as a goal for each month…given no guidance, I suggested, “Thirty?” I still remember how wide her eyes got before she said, “Why don’t we try making it ten and see how that goes.” (Ten was absolutely not a problem, haha. But I wasn’t about to jeopardize my free pizza after that by changing it.)

    I’m so glad you were able to keep the Norman Rockwell book. There’s something extra-special about books you encounter with your grandparents or at their house, as well as illustrations that captivate you at a young age outside of picture books.

    That said, the mental image of you sneak-reading tabloid magazines as a kid is priceless.

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