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Today’s Topic: Childhood Favorites

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Good grief, I’ve been reading so long and have devoured so many books that it is hard to remember back far enough to my childhood favorites. Living in a small town, both my city and school library was somewhat limited. And while I know my parents provided plenty of books at home, I can only remember a few.  So making this list proved a challenge.

Little House on the Prairie Series – Anyone else remember that yellow paper back box set? If you didn’t own a copy did you even have a childhood?

Berenstein Bears  – Somehow we acquired copies of many of these books at home. I don’t remember my parents reading them to us, but I enjoyed reading them for myself.

Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever We had a couple of the Richard Scarry books that my parents read to us as small children, but this is the one I remember best.

Katie Hooper Series – One of my earliest book series which isn’t even available anymore.

Elizabeth Gail Series – My girlfriends and I loved this series about foster kid Elizabeth Gail, who finds a family to belong to. It follows her from pre-teen through her college years.

Sweet Valley High Series – What adolescent girl wasn’t hooked on this series about the twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield? Even though my mom thought they were a bit too advanced for my age at the time, I still snuck them out of my school library.

Babysitter’s Club Series – I can’t tell you how much I wanted to be part of such a cool group like the Babysitter’s Club when I was younger. I loved reading about their adventures and friendship. I always thought Stacy and Claudia were soooo cool.

Christy Miller Series – I don’t remember much about this series, but I remember devouring it as a pre-teen, wondering if Christy and Todd would ever get together.

Mandie Series – I loved that this series featured an intrepid heroine who solved mysteries, but in a historical timeline.

Nancy Drew Series – You can never go wrong with a classic like Nancy Drew! I remember checking out these little hard back mysteries from my school library and trying to guess the mystery in each one.

What were some of your favorite childhood books?



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