Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Like to Be Besties With

Today’s Topic: Characters I’d Like to Be Besties With

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Over the years, I’ve realized that my preferences for real life friends and my book character friends do not always match. But one thing is for sure, in both worlds I prefer to avoid drama prone people. And I am always drawn to someone with a good sense of humor.

Here are a few fictional people that I could see myself “clicking” with if they ever came to life.

Reggie Van BurenMurder at the Flamingo

Reggie and I don’t have a lot in common, but I admire how brave she is. She walks away from a familiar life of privilege to forge a new path for herself. We could bond over our mutual love of Katharine Hepburn movies.

Eisley BarrettJust the Way You Are

Remarkably I’m not jealous of Eisley’s gorgeous British movie star boyfriend. What I do envy her is her fun loving, easy going personality and her amazing family.

Juliet AshtonThe Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

In some ways, I feel Juliet is a kindred spirit. She is not only a writer but someone who appreciates the value of a good story. She values character and deep personal connection over security and status. And she’s very loyal to those she loves .

Tish Ransome A Light in the Dark

Not only is she the only female member and lead singer of her band, she’s a loving aunt AND she curses in pirate.  Plus, Tish has a positive outlook on life and a fun personality.

Freddy CarltonThe Austen Playbook

I pretty much like Freddy for many of the same reasons I like Tish. She’s a grounded free-spirited actress who’s fairly easy going for someone whose life has a lot of drama. Not to mention she prefers comedy to drama in her work, just like me.

Grace EvangelineTold You So

Um…she’s a writer, so like me, she appreciates the value of words. Also, I love how emotionally brave she is.

Amory AmesAmory Ames Mystery Series

Amory is everything I would love to be in another life. Cool, poised, sophisticated, elegant, fashionable and well-connected.  I think she could teach me a thing or two that I’m lacking.

Marianne DaventryEdenbrooke

Marianne is so unapologetically herself. She blurts out her thoughts, but she’s also thoughtful. And her love of twirling makes me want to love it too.

Valancy SterlingThe Blue Castle

After FINALLY reading this book, I felt so inspired by Valancy’s bravery to break free of habit and expectations and find her own identity. I also appreciate her love of nature, a good conversation and a book.

Callie QuinnA New Shade of Summer

Callie is an artistic free spirit which is just about my polar opposite. But I would love for some of that to rub off on me. Plus, I wouldn’t mind a girl’s night in her tiny home on wheels.

Who are some of your book character besties?

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad you read and enjoyed The Blue Castle. Isn’t Valancy the best? I spent half that novel wanting to hug her and the other half wanting to whisk her away from all of the troubles in her life.

    My TTT.

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