Top Ten Tuesday -Books with Character Names In the Titles

Today’s Topic: Books with Character Names In the Titles

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Well, the obvious answer to this one would have been to list all the biographies and autobiographies on my TBR list. But that would have been too easy. And while I originally thought I would have a hard time meeting this week’s criteria, I was surprised to realize there are lots of books with character names in the title.

Stone ,The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. KipThe Forgotten Life of Eva Gordon ,Miss Witherspoon Goes to WarDearest JosephineA Chance for Sunny SkiesRemembering JamieJohn EyreThe Songbook of Benny LamentJo & LaurieChristy LouisaGentleman JimRenata and the Fall from GraceThe Haunting of Maddy ClaireAnne of ManhattanRhett Butler’s PeopleDear SullyDaddy Long LegsHadley Beckett’s Next DishMr. RochesterMarilla of Green GablesSeeing Miss HeartstoneAlways JaneThe Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux


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