Top Ten Tuesday -Books to Break Your Reading Slump

Today’s Topic: Books to Pull You Out of a Reading Slump

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Um, would you believe me if I told you I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a reading slump? There have been times, when I’ve had less time for reading, sure. But ever since my mom first taught me to read at age four, I’ve been a voracious reader. Maybe, I’ve just been lucky. In any case, if I ever did find myself in a slump, these are the books that I feel certain would stir up my interest.

This Present Darkness -Featuring a supernatural battle between angels and demons determined by the power of prayer, I have read this one many times. It never fails to leave me feeling motivated and energized.

The Circle Series -I often have very vivid dreams. So of course, I found this series about a man who lives one life in reality and another in his dreams just fascinating! Even more so, when it becomes murky as to which is his real life.

Descendents of the House of Bathory Series – From page one, I was enthralled by the mystery, intensity and quick pace of this story. I love the concept too, of a battle between the descendants of an actual historical figure engaged in a secret war with the descendants of her victims.


Kissing Adrien -I’ve always been in love with the idea of Paris. This charming chick-lit tale of a young woman who finds both love and herself in the City of Light is a fictional portrait of my dreams.

The Hating Game – I often avoid books with too much hype, scared that they won’t live up to it. But I’m so glad I didn’t let that prejudice me against this book. I love the hate to love trope when well done and this one was!

The Boo Series -This series was published years ago and unfortunately is not available for digital media. But it’s worth tracking down print copies. I laughed so hard over the quirky residents in Skary, Indiana and their resident horror author who experiences a serious writer’s block.


Caleb +Kate -Inspired by Romeo and Juliet, I adore this contemporary YA upate. It is well-written and always manages to engage my emotions every time I re-read it.

Engaged in Trouble -I can always count on Jenny B. Jones books to leave me laughing. In her first cozy mystery series, the laughs continue with a washed-up singer who returns to her small home town only to be framed for murder.

Edenbrooke -If you are a fan of Regency novels or romantic period dramas, then you will love this story. It’s lighthearted and romantic, but also full of depth which tug on my heart strings. Plus, it always leaves me wanting to twirl.


The Tox Files -Hang on for the ride of your life! Full of action, adrenaline and suspense, Ronie Kendig’s latest military action series will not leave you bored, but it may leave you gasping for breath. I love all of Kendig’s books, but I’ve really enjoyed how this one features a black ops team fighting off an international assassin group while also tracking down ancient relics.

What are some books you think would break a reading slump?



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  1. I’ve heard REALLY good things about “Kissing Adrien” and “The Hating Game.” Alas, I’ve yet to read either one, but hopefully… at some point, I’ll remedy this!! Good to know both are great reading slump picks. Makes them even more interesting. 🙂

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