Top Ten Tuesday – Books that Should be Adapted by Netflix

Today’s Topic: Books that Should be Adapted into Netflix Shows/Movies

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

I’m like the idea behind this week’s prompt.

The Charmed Life – This would make a really fun series for the young adult crowd. There’s a lot of inherent comedy in it’s fish out water premise when the young heroine moves from Upper Manhattan to small town Oklahoma. Bella is snarky, adventurous but serious about developing her amateur investigative reporter skills.

Blackmoore – Though, I’m not entirely convinced of Netflix ability to produce a historical drama, I would love to see this one on the small screen. It gave me major Bronte-esque vibes and is a beautiful story of sacrifice and friendship turning to love.

Price of Privilege – This series literally changed my life. A historical drama, it is full of allegories that might be hard to translate to the screen. But if done right, it would be fabulous. It’s the story of a young woman trying to discover her place in the world and the men who either influence, use or manipulate her.

What the Wind Knows – Though all of Amy Harmon’s books are great, this one really is a masterpiece. Netflix has a lot to work with, with it’s split time story line and it’s setting during Irish War for Independence. It is also full of great characters both fictional and real, including Michael Collins. Plus, I imagine the cinematography filmed in Ireland could be spectacular.

You Deserve Each Other – I was taken by surprise, by how much I loved this book. I still think we are sorely lacking in cinematic rom-coms these days. Netflix seems to be developing a niche for them, which I’m happy about. But this rom-com also has unsuspected depth which will make it memorable.

The Widow of Rose House – Part mystery, part romance, slightly gothic and very atmospheric, this unusual story would be hard to adapt, but worth it. The banter between the owner who wants to restore the house and the man she turns to for help in getting to the bottom of the its’ ghost rumors, is fabulous.

The Bridge Series – This NA series which follows a young woman from her college years into adulthood is full of both humor and tragedy. The settings in Paris, Ireland and even China would appeal to those who love to travel.  You will cheer and boo the characters as they grow into maturity.

Lovely War – WWII dramas tend to attract many types of viewers and this one tells two really great stories. One is an inter-racial romance and the experiences of black service men. The other is a love at first sight, then separated by war and tragedy. But wait, there’s more! There’s a third story. That of the Greek gods, using the first two stories as evidence in a court case, where Aphrodite strives to prove the value of her work. So much great drama wrapped up in one book.

Blue Wren Shallows Series – Are you one of those who loves a good melo-drama full of angst and challenging circumstances to overcome? I am not, unless it also involves a great redemption arc, which both of these stories do. Not to mention, this series is set on an island off the coast of Australia which I would love to see onscreen.

London Celebrities Series – This one should be right up Netlix’ alley. A series of stories about connected characters who work in London’s theater district, there is so much to explore here.

Descendants of the House of Bathory  – This duology is a globe-trotting thriller with plot points such as a centuries old blood feud, intentional amnesia, underground raves and gypsy kings.

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  1. You’ve got such a nice selection! Hopefully somebody will wake up and make these into movies/series. I still haven’t read What the wind knows, need to get to it before it becomes a movie or something! I’ve seen it doing the rounds this week.

    Happy TTT and here’s my 10 Books that should be adapted for Netflix

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