Top Ten Tuesday – Books That Make Me Hungry

Today’s Topic: Books that Make Me Hungry (They could have food items on the cover, foods in the title, be about foodies or have food as a main plot point… they could be cookbooks or memoirs, etc.)

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Jane of Austen – From a tea shop in San Francisco to a slightly different itineration in Austin, this modern re-telling of Sense and Sensibility is both charming and hunger inducing.


Two Blue Door Series – This series is all about food as it’s female heroine and her family are all involved in different aspects of the food industry including the running of a family restaurant.


Saturday Night Supper Club & Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe – I really like food, but I really, really don’t like cooking or baking. I enjoy it most when people with a true love for creating something special in the kitchen  share their talents like they do in these two books.

Lu – I have never once had a desire for pierogies until reading of Lu’s Polish grandmother’s passion for making them for her family. For some people food = love.

Stay with Me – Since I dislike any time spent in the kitchen, a man who loves to cook sounds like a dream. And this one in particular one not only cooks but makes great-tasting healthy food. Yummy!

The Tourist Attraction – I know the main male character runs his own restaurant, but it is the bakery items in this resort town that make me salivate, just like Ulysses the moose!

Whisked Away – While I love good home-cooking, it’s also fun to get a little experimental and try some gourmet items. And of course, a private chef on a private vacation island…isn’t that everyone’s dream?


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