Top Ten Tuesday -My TBR Book Orphans

Today’s Topic: Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read

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The fact that I have a whole book case just for my TBR pile, should tell you a bit about the state of my reading life. As much interest as I have in all the books I have purchased, I only have so much time. Sadly, that means that certain books remain on my bookshelf for a long time, like little orphans waiting to be noticed and claimed. I’m ashamed to admit that several of them have been waiting for years to regain my attention.

The Traitor’s Wife -This is about Benedict Arnold’s wife Peggy Shippen. I bought it after watching the AMC series Turn, which tells the story of Washington’s Culper spies during the Revolutionary War. Even though I haven’t read it yet, I’m still very curious to read about historic events from a woman’s point of view.

God’s Daughter -Everyone raved about this book when it first came out and I do like me some Viking fiction. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t read it yet, especially since I also purchased the sequel.

Stardust – Another book which is languishing on my TBR bookcase. The premise and the cover hooked me. Plus, I’ve read other books by this author and liked them.

Chateau of Secrets – A time-slip novel with a posh French setting? Yes, please. This is actually on my list to be read very soon.

Mended Hearts Series -I’ve heard such great things about this contemporary series. Plus, it’s set in my home state of Texas. I mean, I can’t go wrong, right?

How Sweet the Sound – Southern fiction dealing with a dysfunctional family is what piqued my interest initially. Also, I’ve never read anything by this author before. Since it’s one of my goals to read more new to me authors this year and to clear up some of my TBR’s, I’m thinking this will be the year for this book.

Hearts Awakening -This book has been sitting on both my physical and Kindle shelves for years! Seven, to be exact. I don’t even know why, because this is the kind of story I like.

Hope at Dawn –There are not nearly as many WWI stories available as WWII, which is why I bought this one. The fact that it focuses on a young woman’s romance with a German American in a small community also caught my eye, because of my German heritage.

Gods and Monsters -I’ve read the author’s other novels and they remind me a bit of Jane Austen.  However, this book is over 500 pages which has deterred me from starting it yet.

The Confessions of X -Ok, first that cover! Second, it is the story of St. Augustine’s lover. I’m still very much interested in reading this one.

Bridge to  Haven -I love Francine Rivers! Her books always hit me in the feels and also make me contemplate deep topics. Considering I’ve already done a review of her soon to be released book, I’m ashamed that I still haven’t read this one, which has been out for four years already. I’m a terrible fan apparently.


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