Top Ten Tuesday – Books that Gave Me a Hangover

Today’s Topic: The Last Ten Books That Gave Me a Book Hangover

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Originally, I didn’t think I had ever experienced a book hangover. But when I began looking at my book list, I realized that there were many books that left me emotionally bereft in more ways than one when I had finished them.

When a story gives me all the feels that stick with me long after I’ve read it, that is what I know I have a book hangover. And I wouldn’t have figured that out without this week’s prompt.

This week I’ve divided my entries into single titles and series.


Price of Privilege Series

The best series, the best story I’ve ever read, hands down. I’m still not over it, five years later.

Mark of the Lion Series

A Jewess, a Roman Centurion and a German Gladiator; this series stole my breath with a look at Rome through the eyes of its’ characters.

Blackbird Mountain Series

This sensitively written story about a Norwegian immigrant finding a home with a family of brothers left me with a sweet ache in my heart.

The Pathfinders Series

I’ve always loved pre-Revolutionary stories and this one breaks the heart with the blurred lines between families and cultures at war.

Wren Shallows Series

Heartbreak and instability follow the women of this series set on an Australian island. But the heroes of these books are sensitive, patient and rescuers who know how to love well.

The Tox Files Series

Every Kendig story is full of adventure and adrenaline rushes, but this one is particularly intense and compelling. I gasped and about died with shock at the finale of this series.

California Rising Series 

A riveting telling of California history full of adventure and cross-cultural romances.


Beautiful in His Sight

Proof that appearances and first impressions aren’t everything and that a true heart is a beautiful thing

Whose Waves These Are

Lyrical, beautiful, lingering storytelling

What the Wind Knows

A time-travelling tale that slowly saturates the soul, quietly but thoroughly

The Seamstress

The French Revolution told from a fresh and heart-wrenching perspective


Yearning, angst and sacrifice are the hallmarks of this story about childhood sweethearts

The Long Walk

An early unexpected twist left me and the characters reeling

In Spite of Lions

Life and drought on the African plains mixed with national politics and one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever met

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11 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Books that Gave Me a Hangover”

  1. There was a book I read over 20 years ago when visiting my grandparents, who had a fairly large collection of Christian romance book, and it stuck with me for years. I couldn’t remember the title, but in more recent years, I’ve tried to find this book using what I could remember of the plot. Just a few weeks ago I tried again and came up with A Voice in the Wind. I don’t know for sure if it was the book I read, but I plan to find out. And considering how long I’ve searched for the book, and how long ago it was published, what a crazy coincidence that you have it on your list! Even if it turns out to not be the book I read, this gives me high hopes that I’ll enjoy it anyway.

      1. I only remember that it was a romance, and it involved a Jewish slave girl and a Roman centurion. For years, I thought I remembered the title as something like “the lion and the lamb”. And it was some time in the mid to late 90s that I read it. All seem to match well with this book (discrepancies can easily be explained by the fact that I was a teenager when I read it, and it was 20+ years ago).

        However, I coincidentally saw A Voice in the Wind on a shelf at a bargain book store a few days ago, and I don’t think it’s quite right, mostly because of how big the book was. My grandparents had shelves of mass paperback Christian romance books that my sisters and I read while we were visiting, and I don’t think I would have picked one that long to read. I’m a little less excited, which I think just means I need to get to it asap so I can find out for sure. (Sorry for such long replies on your post, haha!)

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