Top Ten Tuesday – Books or Series I Would Like to See Adapted for the Screen

Today’s Topic: Page to Screen Freebie (Books that became movies/TV shows, movies that became books, great adaptations, bad ones, books you need to read before watching their movie/TV show, movies you loved based on books you hated or vice versa, books you want to read because you saw the movie or vice versa, etc.)

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Sometimes having too many options does not work in my favor. It takes me forever to make a decision This week’s open ended prompt left me debating what I wanted to focus on. I considered listing my favorite book to film adaptations. Then, I thought about naming all the films which have inspired me to read classic literature, (I’m looking at you North and South, Little Women, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Phantom of the Opera). But in the end I decided to feature books or series that I would really love to see adapted for the screen.


The Gifted Series (The Begotten, The Betrayed and The Blessed) – It’s been years since I first read this series, but it still remains strong in my memory. It follows a group of supernaturally gifted people who band together to take down a great evil while also trying to evade capture by the Church for heresy. Set in the medieval ages it is rife with adventure, conflict, life and death and good and evil.

Amory Ames Mystery Series (Murder at the Brightwell, Death Wears a Mask, A Most Novel Revenge, The Essence of Malice, An Act of Villainy) – Cozy historical mystery series are all the rage right now. I think this one would fit right in with the rest. I love that it features an aristocratic amateur lady detective with an enigmatic playboy husband. Sometimes the mystery of what Amory’s husband Milo is up to is even more fascinating than the crime she is trying to solve. Plus it’s set in 1930’s Britain and Europe, so you know the settings and costumes would be fabulous!

This Present Darkness – This book is the first one I ever read that I decided I wanted to see made into a film. Every time I read it, I feel that I am more aware of the world around me. It’s depiction of the effects that individual actions and decisions have on the supernatural realm always challenges me. Not to mention the battle scenes between angels and demons would be epic on screen. But more importantly, it is a picture of the power of prayer in seeing things change.

The Colonel’s Lady – Having read thousands of books in my lifetime, I have many favorites, but this is probably tied for number one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it. The hero and heroine are just so gosh-darn appealing to me. In some ways it reminds me a bit of Last of the Mohicans in that it features a heroine trapped in a frontier fort by war and a hero who is trying to remove her from danger. Really, I just want to see my favorite book brought to life.

The Gilded Lily – I’ve always been fascinated by the brief Gilded Age. It’s not a setting that is often featured in films. I’ve always loved this story about a strong woman who refuses to bow to society’s dictates, but who also denies her own heart out of love for her family. The settings and costumes alone for this would be gorgeous on the big screen.


The Price of Privilege Trilogy (Born of Persuasion, Mark of Distinction, Price of Privilege) – There are books you fall in love with and there are those that literally change your perspective and your life. This is a story I will never get over. It would be a hit with those who appreciate intelligent, historical dramas which keep you guessing as to where the plot lines will go and which characters to root for. It is also one that requires your full attention since every detail matters in the final resolution.

Redeeming Love – One of the most popular Christian fiction novels ever published is still making the lists today. And why not? This story of unconditional love is based on the biblical story of the prophet Hosea who married a prostitute. Updated to the historical American West, Rivers makes the marriage and its’ ramifications come alive for modern generations. It’s a story which has never been told for the big screen quite like this before and one which I think would resonate with all viewers.

Carry Me Home – I’d heard great things about this Australian novel long before I ever read it. Everything I heard was true. This marriage of convenience story is one of a kind, full of heartbreak and tragedy, but also one of the most patient, thoughtful loves I’ve ever experienced in a book. There are not enough films that feature historical Australia. I think it is the perfect setting for a story like this one.

Marilla of Green Gables – I know this has been on all my Top Ten lists lately, but I mean, c’mon. This one is kind of a no-brainer. Especially knowing how beloved the Anne of Green Gables series is around the world.


The Bird and the Sword Chronicles (The Bird and the Sword, The Queen and the Cure) – This is the duology which introduced me to one of my favorite authors, and I’m not really even a fan of fantasy novels. The world building is excellent but still familiar enough to relate to. There is so much wisdom and truth about life and relationships built into the story lines. I would love to see this universe of shape-shifters, weavers and spinners among others on a big screen.


Creek Country Saga (The Red Feather, The Sacred Writings, The Ebony Cloak, Bitter Eyes No More, Love the War Woman) – Set in the Gulf Coast states directly after the War of 1812, this is an era¬† not often explored on screen. Nor is the melting pot of cultures (Indian, French, Spanish, American, former slaves) fighting each other and also forming alliances for survival. It’s a series that gives an honest look at the challenges faced by those who lived during this time. It’s rich with drama, culture clashes, romance, war and more, perfect for a well-produced television series.

Anyone notice a pattern here? I think I have a thing for historical fiction and dramas. Which books would you love to see adapted for the screen?


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