Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ve Read because They Were Recommended by Rachel McMillan

Today’s Topic:  Books I Read Because Someone Recommended Them to Me

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I know what types of books I like to read. That’s not to say I can’t be influenced to read something that might not normally catch my eye. But I rarely remember who first piqued my interest in a specific book once I decide to read it…with one exception.

Rachel McMillan is an author (and a great one at that) who also has wonderful taste in and a special knack for recommending amazing books. All it takes is her gushing review and that book automatically goes on my TBR list. She is my go-to person for book recommendations and I trust her implicitly. With few exceptions (I’m looking at you Villette), I LOVE every single one of her recommendations. And my TBR list should either thank her or villify her for expanding beyond what I will ever be able to read in a lifetime.

Here are just a few books I discovered thanks to Rachel.

Speak Easy, Speak Love – I found this Roaring Twenties version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing so much fun!

Daddy Long Legs – Listened to the audio version of this sweet classic and was utterly charmed. And I must say I liked it MUCH better than the classic film it spawned, even if it did star Fred Astaire!

Amory Ames Mystery Series – This long running cozy mystery series with it’s wealthy female amateur detective is all the better for its’ 1930’s English setting.

Lovely War – A 3 for the price of 1 love story which includes Greek gods, and two couples (one inter-racial) living through WWII. The author did a great job weaving together the threads for a deeply emotional and meaningful tale.

Villette – I’m not much for the classics although I tend to appreciate those written by female authors better. As much as Rachel adores this Bronte title, I just couldn’t get into it at all.

The Blue Castle – This L.M. Montgomery favorite was recommended many times to me over the years, but it was Rachel who finally pushed me into giving it a chance. And boy, did I fall hard for Valancy and her journey of self-discovery and independence.

Love Lettering – A cute little romance with a quirky heroine that was a delightful read.

Matchmaking for Beginners – I do appreciate a good rom-com like this one. Of course, the NYC setting gave me You’ve Got Mail Vibes.

The Wedding Journey – I had never heard of prolific author Carla Kelly before picking up this historical romance about survivors of the Napoleonic Wars. But I will definitely be reading more of her titles.

Impossible Saints – Though I had a difficult time relating to the heroine, this story set in London which revolves around the women’s suffrage movement made that era and their struggles come alive fore me.



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