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I know the classic debate about whether a book or its’ film adaptation is an eternal one and I can understand why. However, despite that, I’m always on board to see books I’ve enjoyed as films, even when they don’t live up to my expectations. There is something about the visual aspect of seeing a good story and familiar characters on screen that thrills me. So for this week’s freebie, I’m sharing some of my more recent reads that I would love to see on the big screen.

Under the Magnolias – I’ve long been a fan of Southern fiction and this one is chock full of that famous Southern atmosphere. Family secrets, dysfunction and drama. Check. Hidden mental illness. Check  Interesting, sometimes oddball characters. Check. But there is a sweet romance and a redemptive ending to make it all worth your while.

Bloomsbury Girls – With a post war London setting, a battle of the sexes between the employees of a bookshop and real life literary characters, this would make for a fascinating onscreen drama, that I know I would really enjoy.

The Gilded Age Heiresses Series – I adore or should I say I’m a bit obsessed with the Gilded Age as a story setting. It was a time of great wealth and industrial progress, but equal amounts of negative change and poverty. Anyway, I just want to see the gorgeous costumes and elaborate sets that this type of series would require for the screen. I also love that the series focuses on a trio of siblings.

Meet Me in the Margins – With shades of You’ve Got Mail (thanks to secret pen pals), sibling rivalry and featuring an office romance at a niche publishing firm, this one hits all my buttons. I just finished a KDrama series set at a publishing company and really liked it and would love to see more of that world. Plus, I really, really, really want to see that secret room where the pen-pals exchange notes.

Once Upon A Wardrobe -This has been one of my favorite book experiences this year, thanks to a fabulous narrator.  With C.S. Lewis as a side character and set in Oxford, this family drama with a dash of romance would look great onscreen. And with a plot about an older sister trying to make her dying young brother’s wishes come true, it’s sure to be a sweet tear-jerker.

Midnight Dance –This one gave me light Phantom of the Opera vibes, since it revolves around the background scenes of a ballet theater in London. I would love to explore the world of dance in more depth in this historical setting. There is also the added drama of the female lead investigating the mystery of her own origins.

Written on the Wind – An heiress who works in her father’s company and a Russian count stripped of his wealth and titles join forces despite their difference in interests. The dynamic between them is unique and challenges gender stereotypes. From a trek through the Russian countryside to the halls of power in Gilded Age New York, this one has epic written all over it and would make a great mini-series.

The Unknown Beloved – If you’re a classic movie lover, especially of film noir, then this would be the perfect fit for you. Once again I’ve chosen a story that features a real historical figure (Elliot Ness) as a side character. The plot itself revolves around real life events (murders) that happened in Cleveland. We also get a heroine with a unique gift and a secret past with our hero detective.

Siren of Sussex – Having just enjoyed Mr. Malcolm’s List at the theater, I want more racially diverse,  cross-cultural period drama romances and this perfectly fits the bill! If that isn’t enough, add in class-conscious issues and there is more than enough drama and conflict to keep viewers interested. Plus, I’ve long wanted to see on of Mimi Matthew’s excellent stories on screen.

Wait for It – I’m always up for a good contemporary romance, but I also really feel we need more representation of the handicapped on screen. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a film with a handicapped romantic hero and it’s way past time! Plus, the way the heroine deliberately rebels against his rules, would make for great comedy.


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11 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Would Like to See Adapted for Film”

  1. Good choices! I’d love to see Bloomsbury Girls! Earl Spencer, brother of the late Princess of Wales, is writing a book (a novel this time) on the Ducheess of Sussex in the other book (the one you show).

  2. This is a such a great topic. This is also so stressful to think about, lol. There are so many books I’d like to see come alive on the screen, but I want them done right, you know? I’ll have to check out these books on your list. 😀

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