Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Was Excited About, but Still Haven’t Read

Today’s Topic: Books I Was SO EXCITED to Get, but Still Haven’t Read

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One of my favorite things about reading is the excitement and anticipation of a new book! It’s knowing I’m about to experience a unique world separate from the mundane of the everyday, and meet characters that eventually become like real people to me. Sadly, not every book I look forward to reading is one I am able to get to right away. Below are several that I still haven’t  had a chance to read yet, but still really want to.

Jewel of the Nile – Afshar writes some of the best biblical and ancient fiction out there and her books are always on my must-read lists. This is her latest release and the fact that it features a beloved, but supporting character from previous books, only makes me more excited about it.

Mountain Laurel – I love early American history and Benton’s research in this era really makes her stories come alive. I bought this upon it’s release, but then decided to wait once I realized it would have a sequel. Well the sequel is out now and I still haven’t read either.

A Heart Adrift – This one released in January and is next up on my reading list. Frantz always writes such tender characters and I love the early American tim setting.

The Nabob’s Daughter – I’m fascinated by the culture clash of colonial India and am always looking for stories that touch on it. I read some great review on this one and it is still on my TBR.

Heart in the Highlands -I was sold from the moment I saw that cover and the title. Plus, I’m always up for a Scottish setting and I’m curious what the author will do with a reunion romance.

The Paris Dressmaker – I’m always excited about a new release from Kristy Cambron. Her WWII stories are always so well researched and written. Plus, I’ve had a thing for Paris for years. Despite that, this one still sits on my TBR shelf.

The Book of the Wars Series – I love Kendig’s “rapid-fire” fiction with military-esque, globetrotting adventures, heroic men and strong female characters. But I hate cliffhangers. So I’ve been waiting until all three books of this series were available. Now I just have to find the time.

The Samurai’s Heart – I read a review of this a years ago that really captured my interest. I especially like that it is outside my normal fictional experience being set in Japan. But despite owning it since 2017, I still haven’t read it yet. But I will…one of these days.

Hunting for Silence – I was really into this series for a while and read up to this title which is number 5. I was always entertained by the adventures of Rikkard and Lilly and enjoyed their conflicted relationship. But I still haven’t gotten around to reading this one.

The Bridge to Belle Island – I’ve always appreciated this author’s Austen-style stories and was very excited about this one, her first stand-alone release in years. But then I went on a contemporary romance binge and kind of forgot to get back to this.

The Dating Charade – I’ll be honest, most of my excitement over this book stemmed from the cute cover. But then I read one of the author’s other books which I liked but didn’t love, so the urgency to read this one kind of petered out.

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4 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Was Excited About, but Still Haven’t Read”

  1. I would give The Dating Charade a try. I loved it but haven’t care much for the other two of hers that I have read. The other books on your list look good to.

  2. Everyone seemed to LOVE Laura’s books when it released, so I hope you enjoy it also! Someday I plan to read Melissa’s books, so… we’ll see!

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