Top Ten Tuesday -Books Covers with Hats & Architecture

Today’s Topic: Books with [___] On the Cover

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Hmm, I struggled a bit this week trying to narrow down my cover theme between hats and architectural details. Then it dawned on me, this is my website and I can do both! And in a closer look at the covers I chose, I noticed many with both hats and the architectural elements. When you think about it,  hats can have a very structural look, much like good architecture does. I do love a good strong line or a gorgeous arch. Both of which draw my eye but also serve to define the spaces around them.

Cloches, Boaters, Sun Hat, Riding Hat, Berets
The London Restoration, Sirens of Sussex, The Dress Shop on King Street, A Strike to the Heart, When the Day ComesRoom at the Top, From Rome With Love

Staircases, Balustrades, Monuments, Bridges, Columns, Arches, Obelisks
Every Word Unsaid, The Italian Ballerina, Shadows of Swanford Abbey, The London House, Carved in Stone, The Hidden Prince, The Grand Design, The Master Craftsman , All That is Secret, Shadows of the White City, A Proper Charade, Until the Leaves Fall in Paris, The Key to Deceit, Enchanting the Heiress, Shadowed Loyalty, Castle on the Rise, The Bride of Ivy Green, With Every Breath,  London Tides

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