Top Ten Tuesday -Book Mashups

Today’s Topic: Books You’d Mash Together (pick two books you think would make an epic story if combined)

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What a fun idea this week’s topic turned out to be. Initially, I thought it would be difficult to find books to combine. But as I started going through my book shelves, I discovered it to be rather easy. The problem came in limiting my list.

The Bridge & Anna and the French Kiss

Honestly, these two books are similar in their portrayal of American students in Paris. I think Meredith and Anna would make great friends and could commiserate over their love lives.

My review of The Bridge


Legacy of the King’s Pirate Series & The Pirate Bride

Both of these author’s know how to write a good pirate story. I would love to see them combine forces to create a generational saga set in the Caribbean and Gulf Coast.


The Charmed Life Series & The Lost Girl of Astor Street

Though this series has a modern day setting and the novel is set in 1920’s Chicago, I think they could combine into a nice time-slip story. They share curious heroines who will stop at nothing to solve a mystery.


Storm and Silence & Stalking Jack the Ripper

Both of these novels are set in London and both feature some of the fiercest, most independent and strong heroines I’ve ever met. If Lilly Linton and Audrey Rose ever combined forces, the world would never be the same and neither would Rikkard Ambrose or Thomas Cresswell!

My review of Storm and Silence


Pride and Prejudice & North and South

There are many similarities shared by these two classic novels. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Elizabeth and Margaret unite in friendship. Imagine how they could torture Darcy and Thornton by working together. One can only hope that the difference in station between Darcy and Thornton wouldn’t be a hindrance for this fabulous foursome.


The Lady and the Lionheart & The Ringmaster’s Wife

Both of these books really made the circus come alive for me. I would love to see how Charlie and his dear niece would fare under the benevolence of John and Mabel Ringling. I would also love to see the sweet hearted Ella gain from Lady Rosamund’s confidence and fearlessness.

My review of The Ringmaster’s Wife


Raleigh Harmon Series & Chesapeake Valor Series

Since Raleigh has experience working as a forensic geologist for the FBI, I think she would fit right in with the guys from Chesapeake. Their law enforcement backgrounds lack her area of expertise in solving crimes. Plus, Raleigh needs the support of such a close knit group of friends.


The Tender Vine & A Walk in the Clouds

Ok, I’m cheating bit as A Walk in the Clouds is a film. But since both this series and the film feature family run wineries I think the stories would be easy to combine. Carina and Victoria could commiserate about their overbearing male relatives. And maybe some of Carina’s fierce independence could give Victoria a much needed boost of encouragement.


The Pelican Bride & The Mark of the King

Both novels feature women leaving France to become brides in pre-colonial Louisiana. These two could use the support of each other as they experience hardship, deprivation and adjustment to a new way of life.

My review for The Mark of the King


Until I Knew Myself & Jane of Austin

With both of these books set in Austin the characters are practically neighbors! I do think the Woodward sisters could benefit from the tight knit community formed by the “Bentwood Brats”. But the young adults of Until I Knew Myself could use a bit of the experience and maturity displayed by Jane and her sister Celia.

My Jane of Austin Review


The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn & A Moonbow Night

Mainly I would just like to see Jesse Bird from TPoTL and Tempe Tucker of AMN join forces with their tracking skills. Both are experienced guides whose abilities are a great asset to those who trek into the wilderness.

What do you think of some of these mashups? What are some books you would like to see epically combined?

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  1. Oooo! I spy some great mash ups on your list, Brittaney! Love that you put Jenny’s series with a 1920s book (though I still haven’t read this series by Jenny – *I know*), and I like the idea of Joanne’s and Kristy’s combining too. I *still* have to read “Stalking Jack the Ripper” too!! Sounds so good. 🙂

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