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Fellow readers know that when you find an author you love, you want to read every book they write as soon as they release it.  This week’s prompt was an easy one for me. The hard part was trimming my list down.

Jenny B Jones – No one writes funnier characters than Jones. If you are a fan of screwball comedy like me, you will love her contemporary YA and adult romances, especially if you’ve ever wished that you too had a former CIA, gun toting grandmother with a sexy book club. For more info, see my reviews on her latest releases in her cozy mystery series,  Engaged in Trouble and Royally in Trouble

Tamara Leigh – I’ve only sung this author’s praises a million times, even though I have yet to review any of her books on my site. Medieval fiction is my favorite genre and she writes the best!

Laura Frantz – As a fan of historical fiction,  I appreciate the well-researched stories set in the author’s home state of Kentucky and the tender way she writes about her characters. I’ve been a fan since her debut novel in 2009 and her book The Colonel’s Lady is one of my all time favorite books.  My review for Frantz’ A Moonbow Night

Penny Reid – I’ve been reading more general market fiction lately and have fallen hard for Reid’s writing style. I love her unconventional characters, their strong family/friendship bonds and their romantic relationships. I’ve not come across any other author with a voice quite like hers.

Ronie Kendig – Not only is she an auto buy author, Kendig is also one of my most read authors. I own all of her books. Military action books aren’t my normal style, but no one can write fast-paced, adrenaline pumping stories better. I love how complex both the plot and characters are too. My reviews for: Dead Reckoning, The Tox Files

Connilyn Cossette – I think I’ve mentioned how particular I am about Biblical fiction, but Cossette is one of the best in the genre. From her first release, her detailed research and relatable characters have made the time period come alive. She is also one of the few authors who accomplish the impossible by exceeding the quality of her writing with each new release. My reviews for: Counted With the Stars, A Light on the Hill

Amy Harmon – It’s rare to find an author who can write equally well across a span of genres. Harmon is one of those. From fantasy worlds, to historical and contemporary settings her stories have depth and wisdom organically woven in and characters who make my heart bleed with compassion. My reviews for: The Bird and the Sword, From Sand and Ash, A Different Blue, What the Wind Knows

Nichole Van – Sometimes you just need a light-hearted but also a heart-stopping romantic tale. Van excels at writing these. With a mix of sincerity and humor, her characters and their romances are both sweet and sassy. My reviews for: Love’s Shadow, Seeing Miss Heartstone, Suffering the Scot

Mimi Matthews – Matthews is a new discovery for me, but I’ve already devoured every one of her historical fiction titles. Her heroes are true gentlemen, the women both ahead of but also fitting their time. Not to mention, her stories have a social conscience and bring attention to issues of their time. My reviews for: The Matrimonial Advertisement, A Modest Independence

Joanne Bischof – No one writes such achingly beautiful stories with such a lyrical, poetic voice like Bischof. Because of that her stories haunt me and stick in my memory for years afterward. Her characters are flawed with realistic circumstances which must be overcome. And her heroes always make favorites lists. My reviews of: The Lady and the Lionheart, Sons of Blackbird Mountain

Tammy L Gray – I adore Gray’s contemporary novels of realistic characters facing real life issues. I also appreciate the journey they go through and that the author always ends with their redemption. My reviews of: My Unexpected Hope, The Truth Between Us

Elizabeth Camden – One of my favorite authors of historical fiction, Camden’s stories always focus on lesser known times and events in history. I’ve learned so much about history through her books. She also excels at writing strong women who are ahead of their time which is rather refreshing for this genre. My reviews for: A Dangerous Legacy, To the Farthest Shores,

Becky Wade – Ever since her debut back in 2012, I can’t get enough of Wade’s contemporary romances. They are thoughtful, sweet and swoony. Recently, she started adding mystery threads into her books, which I’m really enjoying. My review of Falling For You.

Who are some of your auto-buy authors?

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5 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – My Auto Buy Authors”

  1. I know what you mean about Amy Harmon. I have not actually read her stuff — though I’ve got A Different Blue and Running Barefoot on my TBR — but every time I look at her body of work, I’m amazed that such different kinds of books are from one author. I feel similarly about Catherine Ryan Hyde, at least as far as story ideas, though I think hers are strictly contemporary.

    Mine is here.

  2. I spy lots of favorites! Joanne Bischof, and Ronie Kendig are definitely auto buys, but I haven’t read Ronie’s books for SO long. (My loss.) I remember us talking about Amy Harmon, so someday I’ll read one of her books, and of course, Becky Wade is forever and always on my must-buy list! Cannot wait to see what her next series is about.

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