Top Ten Tuesday -A Few of my All Time Favorite Books

Today’s Topic: Best Books I’ve Read In 2018 (So Far)

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Well, I may have jumped the gun a little bit on this week’s prompt. I actually tackled this subject on a recent Top Ten Tuesday post. So instead of sharing my favorite reads of the year, I’m going to share my favorite reads ever! These are books that I re-visit over and over without ever growing tired of their stories.

Since I have more than ten all-time favorites, today I will share those that have received little to no attention on my website. I always love to introduce people to a good story!

In Sheep’s Clothing

I’m fascinated by Russia and am always on the lookout for books set in that country. This romantic suspense by one of my favorite contemporary authors is one I revisit often.

Pearl in the Sand

This debut story by my favorite biblical author absolutely blew me away. The sensitivity and depth of research in portraying the prostitute Rahab was so good, that I passed it around to my entire family. Even my uncle loved it!

This Quiet Sky

I’m not generally a fan of novellas, but this one is a beautifully haunting love story despite its’ tragic conclusion.

With Every Breath

Elizabeth Camden writes some of my favorite historical romances, but this one tops my list. There is just something special about the chemistry between the commitment phobic but optimistic Kate and her high school nemesis, Trevor, whose difficult past has inspired him to research a cure for tuberculosis.


A gorgeous romance, it has a definite Bronte vibe going for it. Henry’s devotion to his childhood friend just makes my heart ache and sigh all at the same time.

These Sheltering Walls

I love good southern fiction. It’s so atmospheric. I like this story about an ex-con and a woman named Henry who bond over interest in local history. I especially appreciate that this story is set in the same area as Steel Magnolias!


Told You So

I’m a word lover so any time I find a book about fellow enthusiasts, I’m happy. The fact that this one features complex characters with a real love/hate vibe happening make sit even better.

One Night With a Rock Star

With a title like this, I expected a certain type of story and found myself surprised by another. Rock stars are people too!


Another debut which impressed me. And it is still my favorite story by this author. This features a surprising love at first sight connection between two very different people. I love how the characters aren’t who you think they are.

My Stubborn Heart

Against his will a widowed ex-hockey star finds himself befriended by a bubbly Texan and her grandmother. As he helps them renovate an old home, they renovate his heart. I never get tired of this one.


I love Regency romances as much as anyone. Though this one also includes a little time travel, I find the hero especially sweet.

Words Spoken True

I enjoy a good battle of the sexes. This one is particularly fun as the hero and heroine work for competing newspapers. With it’s 1855 Louisville, Kentucky setting, it also gives a glimpse into a time and place rarely found in fiction.

What are some of your favorite books that you just can’t get enough of?


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