Top Ten Tuesday-Female Characters with Unusual Jobs

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“Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you.”  Don’t ask me why that song popped up in my head. Life isn’t a competition.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is open to interpretation, so I decided to feature fictional women with interesting jobs or who work in a male dominated fields.

In the past working women were restricted to the secretarial, nursing or teaching professions. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way in the past several decades.

  1. Spies -This seems to be a pretty popular fictional career in the books I read and I have no complaints. I love spy stories!

Firethorn -Ronie Kendig

Wiser than Serpents -Susan May Warren

High as the Heavens -Kate Breslin -technically our heroine is a Red Cross nurse, but she uses her job to spy for the Allies

Circle of Spies -Roseanna M White -I love the twist of writing women as spies for the famous historical Culper Ring.

2. Horse Trainer

A Love Like Ours -Becky Wade -Not only is our heroine a horse whisperer but she’s also pretty good at gentling a veteran with PTSD.

3. Crab Boat Co-Captain

You’re the One that I Want -Susan May Warren -this heroine is a wonder woman. Not only does she co-captain a crab boat with a group of stinky, grizzly men, but she is also a cop.

4.  Detective

The Lost Girl of Astor Street -Stephanie Morrill

Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder -Rachel McMillan -the start of a lovely series about a female Sherlock and Watson.

5. Pilot  –I have a special place in my heart for female pilots, since my youngest cousin is one.

All of You -Sarah Monzon

Hawk -Ronie Kendig

6. Chef/Restauranteur

Blue Door Series -Hilary Manton Lodge -This series will make you hungry for good food. It’s a good thing each chapter ends with a recipe.

7. Forensic Geologist

Raleigh Harmon Series -Sibella Giorello -Who knew an investigative scientist who studies dirt and rocks would make such a fascinating heroine. Bonus: The first book in the series is available for free download on Kindle.

8. Bodyguard

Always Watching -Lynette Eason -the first book in the Elite Guardian series about a group of female bodyguards for hire.

9. Language Translator

Against the Tide -Elizabeth Camden -I’ve always wanted to be bilingual and this heroine is multilingual. Plus, she works for the US Navy and helps to bring down an opium ring.

10. Illusionist/Magician

The Illusionist’s Apprentice -Kristy Cambron

11. Journalist

Yesterday’s Tomorrow -Catherine West -this is no television reporter but one who goes right into the Vietnam war zone.

12. Concert Pianist

The Sound of Red Returning -Sue Duffy


Off the Record – Elizabeth White -this one is no Judge Judy!

13. General Contractor

Made to Last -Melissa Tagg

The Carpenter’s Daughter -Jennifer Rodewald

14. Anthropologist

Cold Shot -Dani Pettrey -it takes a special kind of woman to find clues working with dead bodies.

15. Artist/Illustrator

From This Moment-Elizabeth Camden -before color photographs a color illustrator brought images to life.

What are some careers you would like to see more of for women in fiction?

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3 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday-Female Characters with Unusual Jobs”

  1. This is a fun topic and list, Brittaney! I spy so many of my favorite authors and stories on your list. I’ve not read this one by Elizabeth Camden, but do enjoy her books; love Becky’s, Susan’s and Melissa’s stories; and have heard Kate Breslin’s book is really good.

    Thanks, as always, for visiting Finding Wonderland. 🙂

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