Christmas at the Tulsa Symphony

I recently spent a weekend with a good friend of mine in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her sister-in-law who plays violin with the Symphony gifted us with free tickets.

I have to tell you, we already had plans for another Christmas concert the next evening with two of our favorite artists, so although I thought the symphony would be a nice experience I wasn’t as excited about the evening as I could have been. Plus, although I love live performances of all kinds, I was under the mistaken impression that the performance might become a little dull after an hour or so just listening to musicians playing their instruments.

Boy, was I wrong. This was one of my favorite experiences this year. The show was kept lively by the variety of the performances. At various times, the symphony was joined by The Tulsa Chorus as well as children from both local choirs and students of stringed instruments. You could almost imagine seeing these child singers and musicians as part of the professional symphony itself once they become adults. Continue reading “Christmas at the Tulsa Symphony”

TV Movie Review -Heaven Sent (2016)

I don’t mean to brag but we are Hallmark movie aficionados in my house. I kid you not. We do not miss a single original movie or series that is aired, particularly the Christmas themed films. The production values have continually improved as well as the story lines and we appreciate the warmth, positive message and family oriented outlook of each film.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered a new holiday release on Lifetime Channel, yes Lifetime,  which we all fell in love with and believe could give Hallmark stiff competition.

Heaven Sent follows Billy and Maire Taylor as they struggle through a divorce and decisions about their joint business during the Christmas season. Adding to the confusion is a young runaway girl who shows up in their house with her own secrets and challenges. Continue reading “TV Movie Review -Heaven Sent (2016)”

Jordan Smith -Tis the Season

I recently saw two of my favorite Christmas music artists in concert. I had to get Hamilton Theater tickets right after the event because the event right after that was purported to be as riveting as the one before it.  I don’t think anyone is more prolific in putting out Christmas albums than Amy Grant and Michael W Smith. I have seen them both individually and together in concert many times. But this time, I was in for a surprise. And that surprise was Jordan Smith.

I watch very little reality television. So, I wasn’t familiar with Jordan Smith (of The Voice fame) when he came out to share the stage with Michael and Amy. All I can say is…wow! This guy can sing! And not only can he sing, but he is an entertainer who more than held his own on stage with these seasoned performers. He had great stage presence and rapport with both the audience and his fellow singers and even tweaked Michael a little bit which made the audience laugh.

Needless to say, after hearing him perform several songs that evening I knew I had to check out his Christmas album. Continue reading “Jordan Smith -Tis the Season”


Well hello there! Welcome to my site. I’m so happy you are here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Brittaney and as indicated on my About page, I’m a thirty something blonde from Texas who loves stories.

I have been blogging somewhat, okay very inconsistently, over the last decade. I’ve always loved to write but have had trouble finding something I was passionate about, something that inspired me, to write. There are several things I am passionate about in my non-internet life, among those being reading voraciously, watching classic (and sometimes not so classic) films, travel and a few other things. I have toyed with writing about each one of these topics as a singular focus, but just couldn’t get excited about it. And then one night as I lay in bed thinking about everything I love a spark was lit within me.

I realized that the common thread behind the things that interest me, the things I can’t seem to live without, is that they all transport me to a world outside of myself, a world that moves me, that makes me think, causes me to grow (sometimes by living in another’s shoes) and always leaves me wanting more. In essence, the common thread is that they tell, create or envision a story.

So now, I had my theme. But, I wanted to write about stories, not as a professional or a critic. I wanted to make it clear that I write from the basis of being a fan, not an expert. I want to write about the things I feel, that are stirred up in me by a good story. I want to write uplifting, positive entries that find the best in the stories that find me. And so, the Story Enthusiast was born.

My plan is to post at least twice a week about books and movies with hopes to post occasionally about travel, music, memories, musings, and/or anything else that resonates with me.

So, please join me here where we can celebrate good stories in every form. I thank you in advance for your support.