Favorite Historical Fiction Series

Since historical (romance) fiction is my favorite genre, today I’m sharing a list of my favorite series in this genre. Some of these are long-time favorites some are newer. The list may seem a bit long, but believe me, I got it as short as I could. I can’t help that there are so many good stories out there. So without further ado…


The Reluctant Demon Diaries by Linda Rios Brooks -tells the events of the Bible from the perspective of a demon longing for redemption.

Harvest Series by Tessa Afshar -not technically a series, but I love this book and it’s sequel which tells the story of the biblical Nehemiah’s fictional female cousin who finds herself married to a Persian prince when all she wants is to be a scribe.

Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers -Set in the early years of Christianity, a Jewish convert to Jesus, serves as a slave in the household of a Roman centurion.


The Age of Faith by Tamara Leigh -Leigh is a premier medieval fiction author and all of her series are excellent. But for the sake of brevity I chose the first one about five siblings who confront danger and meet their matches.

Fires of Gleannmara by Linda Windsor -a longtime favorite set in Scotland.

The River of Time by Lisa T Bergren -a YA time travel series, two sisters travel back in time to medieval Italy.

The Gifted by Lisa T Bergren -a totally different Bergren series about a group of individuals who find they possess special gifts and must join together to fight evil. Set in medieval Italy and France.

Poitevin Hearts by Joyce DiPastena -set during the reign of Henry II, interconnected characters must determine their loyalty to the king and uncover treachery in their personal lives.

Unnamed Series by L.A. Kelly -a special story about a tortured, orphaned warrior seeking redemption.

Unnamed Series by Leigh Bale -each book is a stand alone, unconnected with the rest, and I love all three.


Miss Pickworth Collection by Catherine Palmer -Palmer is no longer writing books, but was a prolific author at one time. This is my favorite series of hers set in Regency England. It is named after a minor character who is an anonymous gossip columnist.

The Kensington Chronicals by Lori Wick -a very early favorite for me, I’ve read these books over and over. Set in Regency England.

Price of Privilege by Jessica Dotta -another series set in Regency England. These three books tell one story of a young girl who goes from rags to riches, anonymity to notoriety. Complex and detailed, every detail matters and is woven together into a stunning ending which made me cry.


The Pathfinders by Lori Benton -an early American tale around the time of the Revolution about the culture clash and betrayal between two Indian and British-American families.

The Midwives by Laurie Alice Eakes -the series title is pretty self-explanatory.

Hearts of Faith by Jody Hedlund -Hedlund writes exceptional historical fiction. Each book tells the fictionalized story of real historical figures.

Diamond of the RockiesKristen Heitzmann -though Heitzmann also writes amazing romantic suspense stories, she began with historical fiction. I loved this one about a pampered woman who leaves her family vineyard to prove herself in a Colorado mining town.

Cheney Duvall M.D.Lynn Morris -originally co-authored with her father, prolific author Gilbert Morris, this series follows a female doctor Cheney Duvall and her male nurse following the years after the Civil War.

Daughters of Fortune by Judith Pella -another oldie but goodie. Three very different sisters are impacted by their parents’ secrets and WWII.

Ladies of Distinction by Jen Turano -set in turn of the century upper class New York  City, this series reads like a screwball comedy of sassy independent women who give their love interests nothing but trouble.


The Ballanytine Legacy by Laura Frantz -Frantz is a must-read author for me. So far, this is her only series and tells the stories of three generations of the Ballantyne family beginning just after the Revolution and ending before the Civil War.

The Culper Ring by Roseanna M White -this author surprised me in the best way and I love this series about generations of a family who take on roles as spies at critical times in U.S. history.

Daughters of Fortune by Susan May Warren -another must-read author of mine, Warren generally sticks to contemporary fiction. This exception to the rule follows a wealthy, dysfunctional New York family from WWI to WWII.


Legacy of the King’s Pirates by MaryLu Tyndall -I love a good swashbuckling pirate hero and Tyndall writes them so well.

What about you? Do you have a favorite historical fiction book or series?

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