Book Review -In the Eye of the Storm


In the Eye of the Storm is the second book in a series written by German author Robert Thier. It picks up where book one left off, with the powerfully wealthy, arrogant Rikkard Ambrose still trying to shed himself of one very stubborn female employee. But Lilly Linton refuses to be fired or to quit.

Mr. Ambrose and Lilly are still locked in a battle of control, while also fighting their strange emotional reactions to each other.  Mr. Ambrose is also still at war with his long time business nemesis. This precipitates a trip to Egypt for himself and Lilly. In an effort to appear undercover in a guise his nemesis will never suspect, Lilly and Mr. Ambrose pretend to be a honeymooning couple. But Lilly has trouble playing the part of a loving wife to her tyrant boss. Not to mention, their pursuit of information and revenge puts them both in more peril than ever.


A good book will engage your thoughts and emotions. But it is a rare book that will actually make you express emotion.  In the Eye of the Storm is one such book for me. I actually found myself snorting, giggling and rocking with laughter at various points of the story.

Lilly Linton just may be my favorite heroine ever. Her belief that she is equal to any man, especially to her cold-hearted boss, leads to some epic clashes between them. Equally epic are the battles waged between her feminist logic and her womanly emotions. She also has quite a way with words, leading to some interesting name calling and swearing at Mr. Ambrose. Her intelligence, steel backbone and fierce anger continue to be more than a match for a man who believes women, especially certain female employees, are inferior to him.

Mr. Ambrose is downright stingy with not only his words, but expressions of feeling. So, I love that the author gives tiny clues, that perhaps Rikkard Ambrose isn’t as impervious towards Lillian as appears to be. The ruse that they are married allows for even more glimpses behind Mr. Ambrose’ stone façade. Both Lilly and Mr. Ambrose thrive off challenge and conflict, so it is fitting that their antagonism towards each other almost acts as an aphrodisiac.

I find some of their Egyptian adventures far-fetched. I also have a hard time believing Lilly’s friends and family simply accept her half-hearted excuses for her long absences. But, the chemistry between the two main characters and their ongoing verbal warfare is so entertaining, I don’t even care.

One thing I didn’t miss at all from the first book, is the story line involving Lilly’s sister and her beau. Actually, keeping the focus on Lilly and Mr. Ambrose makes for a much better narrative flow. It also helps cut the page count almost in half from book one to book two.

The best praise that I can give In the Eye of the Storm, is that the minute I finished the book, I immediately downloaded the next book in the series. I can’t wait to read more of the adventures of Lilly and Mr. Ambrose!


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