Book Review -The Bridge


In The Bridge when Meredith Sullivan wins the Beckett Scholarship and is finally able to fulfill her dream of studying in Paris, she is thrilled. But she is less thrilled to discover her class nemesis Pete Russell has also won a place and will be around to torment her all year. She is also sad to leave behind her best friend and secret crush Drew Sutton.

Pete is not content with their status quo. He quickly begins to challenge Meredith’s perceptions of him as they discover Paris together. Slowly Sully (as Pete calls her) realizes she may have misjudged this guy who shares her love for the City of Light.

But just as she begins to consider something more than friendship, Drew finally confesses his feelings for her. Now she is torn between the man she has always wanted and the one who seems to understand her better than anyone else.

You’ve read the summary, now read my review over at The Silver Petticoat.

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2 Replies to “Book Review -The Bridge”

  1. This is one that sounds really sweet, so of course, I added a copy to my shelf. Hopefully in the next month or two, I’ll get it read. 🙂

    1. Based on what I’ve read on your website, I think you will really love this one. It reminded me of Anna and the French Kiss. I enjoyed The Bridge so much it is going on my list of favorite books this year.

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