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Since I was having trouble with today’s topic I thought I would share with you my  most read authors instead. I’ve been an obsessive reader from the age of four, so it’s impossible for me to track and count every book I’ve read. And obviously, I’m not including any children’s authors.

As I was compiling this list I became aware of a couple things. One is that there are certain authors who I no longer read either because they are no longer publishing new titles or I got burned out on the author’s writing style.

Another thing I noticed is that even though my book counts for these authors is high, there are several whose totals count were achieved years ago.

Also, though several of these are among my most read because I love the authors, there are so many other favorite authors who didn’t make the list because they haven’t released as many titles. So this list is in no way a reflection of my favorite writers.

Ronie Kendig -19

I never thought I would become addicted to military action/suspense stories, but Kendig is just that good. Reading her books is like taking a ride on a roller coaster; fast paced, occasionally tense and scary, the feeling of the uneven motion in my stomach, until I finally reach the end and want to start all over again.

Denise Hunter -21 

I’m actually right in the middle of my 22nd title by this contemporary romance author. I can always count on a Hunter story to be sweet and yet to portray deep and painful topics in a sincere, restorative way.  No one writes relationships quite like Denise does.

Catherine Palmer -21

Sigh…sadly this is an author who is no longer writing. She wrote both contemporary and historical fiction. I keep hoping that she will publish again, because I really miss her stories.

Kristen Heitzmann -23

Heitzmann keeps reinventing herself. I fell in love with her historical Diamond of the Rockies series. Eventually she moved into contemporary romantic suspense and lately she has segued into dramatic and dysfunctional romances. I’ve literally read and own every one of her titles.

Tamara Leigh -24

Gah!! I love Tamara Leigh! Although she has written some contemporary romances, I prefer her medieval historical fiction. I always pre-order her books and thankfully she publishes a couple each year.

Georgette Heyer -30ish

I can’t remember when I got on my Heyer kick. When I heard that she wrote stories inspired by Jane Austen’s style, I went through most of her titles in a short amount of time.

Emilie Loring -40ish

Emilie Loring books have long been out of print, but my aunt found a bunch at a garage sale when I was younger and I got hooked on these short paperback romances. Written from the 1920’s to through the 1960’s, these books are little time capsules of values, thought and fashion. I particularly love the author’s colorful descriptions of the characters and their surroundings as well as her strong but silent heroes.

Susan May Warren -46

Um, can you tell I really love Susan May Warren? A prolific author of mostly contemporary fiction, I’ve been a faithful fan since she first started publishing around 2004 and have read almost all of her fiction titles. My favorites are some of her earlier stories with Russian characters and/or Russian settings.

Gilbert Morris -60ish

Back in the 80’s and 90’s before Christian fiction had developed into a genre of its’ own, there were only a few authors publishing Christian titles. Janette Oke is one most are familiar with, but I preferred Gilbert Morris who focused on American historical fiction. I devoured every one of his books when they came out and his stories fascinated me throughout my teen years. Out of more than 200 titles, I’ve read around 60. Sadly, there will be no more as the author passed away last year

Who are some of your most read authors?

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4 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday -Authors I’ve Read the Most”

  1. Wow ! You are a voracious reader! I think the most books I’ve read from any one author is four or five, and that would be Lucy Maud Montgomery.

    Many of these authors I’ve not heard of before, so when I’m in the market for some new-to-me writers, I’ll refer back to your list. 🙂

    1. You know what is sad? I haven’t read a single book by Lucy Maud Montgomery although I do love the Anne of Green Gables television series. Everyone raves about her books. I’ve got The blue Castle and the Emily of New Moon series on my list. I think my reading habit is probably more of an addiction. When I was young, my parents used to ground me from reading as a punishment, because I loved it so much.

  2. YAY for all the Susan May Warren, Ronie Kendig and Denise Hunter love. Denise’s contemporary romances are forever among my most favorites too.

    I’ve read very few of Kristen’s novels, but what I have read are fabulous. Here’s hoping I read some of those backlist titles soon(ish). 🙂

    Thanks so much for all of the recent Finding Wonderland visits, Brittaney. Always glad to chat with you – and to finally catch up on your great posts.

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