Top Ten Tuesday -Back to School with History

Well, it’s that time of year when all the children and educators head back to school. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a back to school freebie.

I will confess, I’m a bit of a nerd. I always enjoyed learning in the classroom. My favorite subject was history and I was often chided for reading ahead in my textbook. Many of my friends complained that history was dull, full of names and dates which meant very little to them. To counter that opinion I am sharing my favorite novels set during various times with stories that make make history come alive. For more information on the titles, clicking on each link will give you a description of the story.

Pre-Revolutionary America (Early 1700’s -1776)

Mark of the King -Jocelyn Green/Pelican Bride-Beth White (Gulf Coast Chronicles)/The Wood’s Edge -Lori Benton/The Captive Heart -Michelle Griep

My Review for Mark of the King


The Creole Princess -Beth White/The Messenger – Siri Mitchell/Rebellious Heart -Jody Hedlund/Wind Dancer -Jamie Carie/Daughters of His Kingdom Series -Amber Lynn PerryThe Mistress of Tall Acre -Laura Frantz

War of 1812

Whispers From the Shadows -Roseanna M White/The Magnolia Duchess -Beth White/Surrender to Destiny Series -Marylu Tyndall

California STATEHOOD (1846-1850)

California Rising Series– Paula Scott/Three Wishes -Lisa T Bergren

San Francisco History (1840’s gOLD rUSH, 1906 eARTHQUAKE)

Measure of a Lady -Deeanne Gist/All the Blue of Heaven -Virginia Carmichael

the Civil War (1861-1865)

Heroines Behind the Line Series -Jocelyn Green/The Appomattox Saga -Gilbert Morris/Circle of Spies -Roseanna M White/Refiner’s Fire Series -Lynn Austin

Reconstruction Era (1865-1877)

Belle Meade Plantation Series-Tamera Alexander/All Things New -Lynn Austin/Cheyney Duvall M.D. Series -Lynn Morris/The Loyal Heart -Shelley Shepard Grey

Chicago Fire -1871

Into the Whirlwind -Elizabeth Camden

Colorado -1870’s

Diamond of the Rockies Series -Kristen Heitzmann/Defiance Series -Heather Blanton/The Homeward Trilogy-Lisa T Bergren/Timber Ridge Reflections Series -Tamera Alexander

Chicago’s world Fair -1893

A Proper Pursuit -Lynn Austin/Fair Play -Deeanne Gist/The Chicago World’s Fair Mystery Series -Shelley Shepard Gray

Gilded Age (1870-1900 East Coast)

The Gilded Lily -Helen Argers/She Walks in Beauty -Siri Mitchell/Ladies of Distinction-Jen Turano/Masquerade -Nancy Moser

Turn of the century Appalachia (1900’s)

The Cadence of Grace Series-Joanne Bischof

WWI (1914-1918)

Not By Sight -Kate Breslin/High as the Heavens -Kate Breslin/Penned in Time Series-Pepper Basham/Hope at Dawn-Stacy Henrie


The Ringmaster’s Wife -Kristy Cambron/The Lost Girl of Astor Street -Stephanie Morrill/You’re the Cream in My Coffee -Jennifer Lamont Leo/The Illusionist’s Apprentice -Kristy Cambron/Love Comes Calling -Siri Mitchell

Depression Era(1930’S)

Wonderland Creek -Lynn Austin/A Cup of Dust -Susie Finkbeiner/Into the Free -Julie Cantrell

WWII (1939-1945)

Nightingale -Susan May Warren/Daughters of Fortune Series-Judith Pella/Rosey Corners Series-Ann Gabhart/Wings of Glory Series -Sarah Sundin/A Woman’s Place -Lynn  Austin



The Mutual Admiration Society -Lesley Kagan/Miracle in a Dry Season -Sarah Loudin Thomas/Slow Dance in Purgatory -Amy Harmon/Bridge to Haven -Francine Rivers

the Vietnam War and the 1970’s

Yesterday’s Tomorrow -Catherine West/Kiss Me Hard Before You Go -Shannon McCrimmon

What is your favorite historical era? Which era do you think needs more representation in fiction?




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  1. I think I can find something in almost any era to interest me! And I love historical fiction, so thank you for this detailed and comprehensive list.

    Here is our TTT.

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