Inspirational Heroes -Jefferson Smith of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


Jefferson Smith (James Stewart) is politically unknown when the governor of his state appoints him as a new senator. The governor’s powerful political backer Mr. Taylor(Edward Arnold) demands he appoint someone more amenable to their graft scheme, but Governor Hopper defies him at the behest of his sons, who sing Jeff’s praises. It turns out Jeff Smith is beloved, thanks to his work with the Boy Rangers and well respected by those who know him.

Jeff is honored and then humbled when he learns of his appointment. And even more so when he discovers that he will be working with his state’s other senator, Joseph Paine (Claude Rains), an old and revered friend of his late father’s. Continue reading “Inspirational Heroes -Jefferson Smith of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”

Book Year 2017 Review

Another year has passed and as usual it was full of good books. Although I didn’t quite reach last year’s book tally of over 100 books, I still managed to become finish over 65 titles. I think this is a pretty good number considering I went back to work full time this year.

I read a lot of really great books this year, many of them by authors who are new to me. But I managed to condense my favorites list down to a manageable size. Continue reading “Book Year 2017 Review”

Film Year 2017 in Review

If you count only the new to me classic films I watched this year, I have seen just over 100 film titles. But once you add in foreign films, documentaries and new feature films, that number increases quite a bit. I marvel that I had enough time to watch so many movies! (Click on movie links for my reviews of these films.)

Classic Films:

As mentioned I watched over 100 new classic films this year and that doesn’t include those which I have already seen more than once. Clearly, I love classic cinema. In 2017 I worked on filling in the gaps in filmography for Eleanor Parker, Rod Taylor and Alfred Hitchcock. I also managed to catch some of Carole Lombard and Audrey Hepburn’s earliest titles as well as watching several of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s movies together. Continue reading “Film Year 2017 in Review”

Top Ten Tuesday -Books on My 2018 TBR List

Today’s Topic: Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward to In 2018 (These could be new releases, or books you resolve to read, ten debuts we are looking forward to, etc.)

Hosted by: The Broke and the Bookish

Considering I haven’t even begun whittling down my Winter TBR list, I probably shouldn’t contemplate adding to it with new 2018 releases. But, how can I help it when there are such great stories on the horizon? If these new releases are any indication of how good 2018 is going to be, then I say, bring it on!

Since, I  can’t possible narrow this list down to ten, I’ve at least tried to organize it. There are some books that I just auto-buy because I’m a faithful fan of the author. Then there are those I can’t resist because they are part of a series I’m hooked on. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday -Books on My 2018 TBR List”

Classic Film Review -Christmas in Connecticut


Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) is a famous and beloved columnist for a national magazine. Her monthly articles feature delicious recipes for fancy meals.  They also describe her idyllic home life as a loving wife and mother who lives on a farm.

Her publisher Alexander Yardley(Sydney Greenstreet) receives a request to provide a family style Christmas for a naval war hero. So, he decides Elizabeth should be the host and invites himself along.

His demands through Elizabeth into a panic. Unbeknownst to Mr. Yardley and her public, she is a fraud. In reality Elizabeth Lane is a single woman who writes her articles from her New York apartment and has zero talent in the kitchen. Her close friend Uncle Felix (S.Z Sakall) actually provides the recipes which she features in her articles.

In danger of losing her job, Elizabeth agrees to an engagement with her friend John Sloane (Reginald Gardiner) who just happens to have a farm in Connecticut. They decide to continue her ruse and even manage to find a baby to pose as their child. Uncle Felix accompanies them to cook the meals Elizabeth Lane is famous for.

However, all these plans are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan). It is love at first sight between Elizabeth and Jeff, but he thinks she is married. Further complications ensue as Mr. Yardley starts making plans for the Elizabeth Lane “family” in order to increase his circulation. Meanwhile, Uncle Felix contrives to keep Elizabeth from marrying John.

To read my full review, please follow me over to The Silver Petticoat Review.


#PayClassicsForward for Christmas

Aurora over at Once Upon a Screen has hit upon the genius idea of celebrating the joy of Christmas by recommending classic movies (see her post). This #PayClassicsForward prompt follows the theme of the  carol Twelve Days of Christmas.

I have created my own categories and as requested am recommending movies which might appeal to non-classic film fans. Not only am I spreading the joy of classic films, but I’m also giving the gift of recommending many lesser known but entertaining titles.

“On the first day of Christmas of Christmas…”

Continue reading “#PayClassicsForward for Christmas”

Top Ten Tuesday -Christmas Book Wishlist

Today’s Topic: Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings (If you celebrate a different Winter holiday, adapt this topic to fit it!)

Hosted by: The Broke and the Bookish

The difficulty with this week’s topic was in keeping my list short. I have a very long TBR list of books I already own. But there are many that I am dying to read that I first need to have in my possession.

One year for Christmas my parents unintentionally gave me a bunch of jewelry. My mom was a bit disappointed with my lack of enthusiasm. She finally looked at me and said, “We should have just given you books, shouldn’t we.” Yes, yes you should have. So, please Santa, bring me books and lots of them. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday -Christmas Book Wishlist”

Classic Film Review -Holiday (1938)


Johnny Case is a self-made man who has been working since he was a child. On his first vacation in years, he meets and becomes engaged to the beautiful Julia Seton. Johnny is thrilled to have met a woman who he believes shares the same outlook on life as he does. Upon his return, he boasts of his luck to his good friends the Potters, before going to meet Julia’s family.

He is surprised when the taxi delivers him to a Fifth Avenue mansion. Thinking Julia must be employed by the owners, he goes to the back entrance. He experiences a further shock when he discovers that his new fiancée is one of THOSE Setons. Fabulously wealthy, socially connected, even their servants are haughty.

Johnny meets a kindred spirit in Julia’s older sister. Linda is chafing against the expectations and strictures of wealth and family expectation. She is thrilled with Julia’s choice of husband and offers her support for the couple in the face of Mr. Seton’s displeasure over their match.

Johnny and Julia wish to quickly tie the knot. But it doesn’t take much time to discover that Julia sees the world more like her rigid class-conscious father than her free-spirited fiancé. When Johnny expresses his desire to take time off to discover the meaning of life, things come to a head.

To read my full review, please head over to  The Silver Petticoat Review.

My Favorite Television Christmas Films

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I adore Christmas. And anyone who reads this blog should also be aware of how much I love movies. I have a whole list of Christmas films which I enjoy and watch every year, many of them classics. Since I already made a list of classic holiday films for The Silver Petticoat Review, today I decided to focus on my favorite made for television movies.

While Hallmark and its’ sister channel Hallmark Movies and Mysteries are renowned for their holiday offerings, Lifetime also has some special Christmas movies. Thankfully, the quality of television films, particularly those featuring Christmas themes, continues to improve. So, my list continues to grow each year. And I’ve already added to it for 2017 even though there are still many new movies yet to air. I have found that many times a Christmas movie appeals to me because of the actors and not necessarily the story. Because as all Hallmark aficionados know, we don’t watch these movies for their predictable story lines. Continue reading “My Favorite Television Christmas Films”

Top Ten Tuesday -Favorite Books of 2017

Today’s Topic:  Top Ten Favorite Books of 2017

Hosted by: The Broke and the Bookish

This was a year for new author discoveries. Since I’m a reader who tends to stick to authors I know, I’m glad I branched out.  I would have really missed some fabulous books otherwise. Many of these surprised me in the best way. Of the eleven stories listed below, only four were were written by authors I’ve read before. Since I’ve already done a post of my favorite books from the first half of the year, I’ve tried not to duplicate that list (with a few exceptions).

These week’s book links are (mostly) to my reviews. So, if you’re curious why I loved them so much, you can find out why, by clicking on the book titles listed below.

From Sand and Ash -Amy Harmon, The Bridge -Jill Cox, Begin Again -Crystal Walton, The Girl Who Chased the Moon -Sarah Allen Addison, P.S. From Paris -Marc Levy, Then There Was You -Kara Issac, Storm and Silence -Robert Thier, Conspiracy of Silence -Ronie Kendig, At the Edge of Summer -Jessica Brockmole, Murder at the Brightwell -Ashley Weaver,Mark of the KingJocelyn Green

What have been some of your favorite books this year? Have you read any on my list?