Classics for Comfort – Five Films That Help Me Survive the Crazy

During this challenging season, The Classic Movie Blog Association is hosting the Classics for Comfort Blogathon and asking participants to recommend  five movies that “soothe and comfort” us. And even though I’m not a member of CMBA, I was so inspired I decided to unofficially participate.

My time and mental energy has been limited by personal and national events this past couple of months. And while I have many coping mechanisms, classic films have always been one of my main sources of comfort when life gets to be too much.

It would be very easy to fill my list exclusively with Cary Grant, William Powell, or Ernst Lubitsch films, blockbuster hits such as Gone With the Wind or Casablanca, gloriously colorful and larger than life musicals such as My Fair Lady or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or even other film favorites I’ve written about regularly here on my site.  But I wanted to challenge myself a bit to look beyond the obvious.

So I’ve tried to include titles that may not be the first to come to mind, but which still help me survive the crazy of real life. Continue reading “Classics for Comfort – Five Films That Help Me Survive the Crazy”

6 From the 60’s – My Favorite Films of the Decade

I had so much fun participating in Rick of Classic Film and TV Cafe’s Five Favorite Films of the Fifties blogathon last year. So when he chose to continue that theme again this year with 6 From the 60’s to celebrate National Classic Movie Day, I didn’t want to miss out.

I honestly thought narrowing down my choices for this year’s post would be much harder.  After all, the Sixties are the decade of the romantic comedy. And indeed, a cursory glance at my list proves that my favorite genre is well-represented. Purely by chance, more than half of my choices were released in 1963. And I’ve also happened to fully review all but one of these.

But apart from the rom-com, it turns out that the Sixties, does not hold as many of my personal well-loved films as I thought it would. Still, there is much to love. Continue reading “6 From the 60’s – My Favorite Films of the Decade”

March 2020 Quickie Reviews

In light of recent events, both personal and national, my entertainment choices have been guided by a sense of comfort and escapism. Which is why, I have been re-watching so many of my favorite films and trying to choose new films which offer a high entertainment value instead of a lot of drama and intensity.
March 2020 BREAKDOWN
  • 23 films/series total
  • 11 re-watches
  • 5 new classic films
  • 4 foreign films/series
  • 1 TV series
  • 1 Documentary
  • 1 new release

Biggest Disappointment: Emma

Favorite Discovery: Return of the Hero

Continue reading “March 2020 Quickie Reviews”

Hiatus Announcement

Due to an unexpected personal tragedy, I am taking a break from posting on this site.  I just do not have the emotional or mental capacity to devote to writing at the moment. I hope to return once I figure out my new normal.

Thank you all for your visits and comments over the past couple of years.


Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

Today’s Topic: Characters I’d Follow On Social Media

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Following people on social media is a bit like window-peeping. It gives you brief glances at the lives of others, so that you feel like you know them a little bit, without actually giving the full picture. Call me a Peeping Tom, but as someone who is always curious about people, I can’t help but find it rather entertaining. Here are a few book characters whose social media feeds would keep me intrigued. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Follow on Social Media”

Butlers & Maids Blogathon – Imitation of Life (1934)

Most of the time those who serve are over looked and underappreciated. This is true in both life and art. So, I am thrilled that for once characters in service are getting the attention they deserve thanks to Paddy of Caftan Woman and Rich of Wide Screen World who are hosting the Butlers & Maids Blogathon.

It’s not very often that butlers or maids are more than a background character in film. Such is not the case with Imitation of Life which explores topics of race and gender through the prism of relationships. In the friendship between a white businesswoman and her talented black maid as well as the relationships between the two women and their daughters we see how these issues impact each character differently. Continue reading “Butlers & Maids Blogathon – Imitation of Life (1934)”

Top Ten Tuesday – Books that Gave Me a Hangover

Today’s Topic: The Last Ten Books That Gave Me a Book Hangover

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl:

Originally, I didn’t think I had ever experienced a book hangover. But when I began looking at my book list, I realized that there were many books that left me emotionally bereft in more ways than one when I had finished them.

When a story gives me all the feels that stick with me long after I’ve read it, that is what I know I have a book hangover. And I wouldn’t have figured that out without this week’s prompt.

This week I’ve divided my entries into single titles and series. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday – Books that Gave Me a Hangover”