2020 Film Year in Review

There is no need to reiterate what kind of a year 2020 was. Needless to say, it was one that had me searching for comfort, familiarity and security.  As usual, I often found escape in  entertainment which is why I watched over 300 titles this year. And that is also why I found myself re-watching over seventy old film favorites, which is much  more than the normal number.   These included old Disney features like That Darn Cat, Pollyanna, Snowball Express and The Apple Dumpling Gang,  I also decided to tackle a few Shakespeare adaptations  such as As You Like It, Henry V, Hamlet, and Love’s Labour Lost, before needing a break from the grandiose language of the Bard. Continue reading “2020 Film Year in Review”

2020 Book Year in Review

After last year’s experience, I lowered my reading goal for 2020. Though I slightly exceeded last year’s numbers, it wasn’t by much. Goodreads says I’ve read eighty books, but I don’t actually record every book I read there nor do I include re-reads.

All that to say, I met my reading goal for the year, which I am happy about. This year being what it was, I didn’t attempt any non-fiction. I needed the escape a good novel provides, not to mention the mental focus I need for non-fiction just wasn’t there. As much as I dislike to, I also DNF’d a few books (which shall remain nameless). Quite unintentionally, I read multiple books by a couple of authors. I read three each by Mimi Matthews and Becky Wade and two each by new to me authors Jaimie Admans, Melanie Summers and Jessica Kate. Continue reading “2020 Book Year in Review”

Top Ten Tuesday -Books I’m Most Looking Forward to in the First Half of 2021

Today’s Topic: Most Anticipated Releases for the First Half of 2021

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

As my reading time continues to dwindle thanks to real life commitments and obligations, I have become pickier about what I read. There are many me exciting new releases coming the first half of this year, but I know realistically, I won’t be able to get to all of them. So,  I’ve narrowed it down to my absolute must-reads. And every one of these was chosen because I loved the authors’ previous work(s). Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday -Books I’m Most Looking Forward to in the First Half of 2021”

Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Hope Santa Brings

Top Ten Tuesday Prompt: Books I Hope Santa Brings

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

I originally thought of going rogue with this week’s prompt and choosing another topic. However, I decided to keep it simple, particularly since time is precious as I prepare for my first Christmas hosting family.

Everyone of my birthday and Christmas wish lists have included books. This year is no exception. Here are a few I hope to find under the Christmas tree this year. Many of these have been out for a while. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Hope Santa Brings”