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Today’s Topic: Top Ten Unique Book Titles

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This week’s prompt for unique book titles had me slightly stumped. Unique, in what way? So, I’ve decided to feature titles which for one reason or another fascinated me. Generally, the cover image is the first thing which will grab my attention for a book, but occasionally it is the title which hooks me. And guess what?!  Like a good little girl, I actually stuck to ten this week.

The Curiosity Keeper

What the heck is a curiosity keeper?  Upon first glance at this title I interpreted curiosity to mean interest or a desire for knowledge and wondered how someone could be a keeper of such a thing. But then I realized that the title refers to the other definition -something which is a strange object. This title perfectly fits the book’s summary about a young woman in possession of a valuable object. That and the historical English setting  was enough to add it to my TBR list.


Veil of Pearls

Now be honest, have you ever heard of a veil made out of pearls? Netting or mist maybe, but pearls? This one is about a young woman whose light skin hides her mixed race origins and is set in Charleston in the early 1800’s. It’s been long enough since I read this one that I can’t even remember what the title actually means.



The Bird and the Sword

The combination of the cover and the title really caught my eye. What could a bird have to do with a sword? I had never read a book by Amy Harmon before and the book summary sounded a bit outside of my normal reading interests. But it also strongly emphasized the power and value of words. Being a word lover, I had to take a risk and boy, am I glad I did. I adored this story and Amy Harmon has now become one of my very favorite authors. My review.


Bread of Angels

I would have read this book anyway as I am a big fan of the author and her stories about Biblical women. But, I was also stumped by the title. What did it mean and what could it possible have to do with Lydia, the seller of purple cloth?? Over half way through the book, my question was finally answered and I was thrilled with the depth of its’ meaning and how it helped bring some of the themes of Lydia’s story together. For more information, read my review.


Fear the Drowning Deep

This is another one where both the cover and the title grabbed me. I think it is the way in which the words are ordered in the title that I find interesting, as if Fear is the subject. The villainy of the Deep is emphasized by the fact that it is active. Which honestly, after reading the book, is almost exactly right. I enjoyed this YA tale about a young girl in a small Irish village who is struggling to understand the seemingly natural, but secretly supernatural events which are happening around her. It’s a great mix of fantasy and mystery.


Loyalty’s Web

Medieval historical fiction is my very favorite genre, so I would have read this anyway. But it’s an interesting title, because a web generally implies something sinister. Yet, there is nothing sinister about loyalty. However, loyalty can be turned against you, especially when it involves family ties and secrets. This is exactly what happens to the heroine of this book when she finds herself entrapped by family expectations and secrets.



The Promise of Rayne

Here’s another one with a gorgeous cover. I know, I know, I’m shallow enough to be enticed by eye candy images. But I’m also a huge fan of the author and really love a good play on words, which is exactly what this title is. And doesn’t that cover suggest the need for actual rain? This is a moving story about woman longing for approval and acceptance. What woman can’t relate?



Shattered Rose

Don’t you just love the dichotomy of this title? Roses are soft as velvet, so how could one be hard enough to shatter? But it also perfectly describes the heroine Avery. She is sweet and gentle, yet brittle and broken by her mother’s hurtful words and society’s expectations. She has an innocence that draws people in, yet she is hiding a shameful secret. This was one of the first YA stories I ever read and was also my introduction to author Tammy L Gray. She does such an excellent job writing about broken people.


Storm and Silence

At first storm and silence seem like they would be opposite extremes. Yet there is always a moment of silence within a storm. I also love how both these words so accurately describe the two main characters. Lily is a storm of energy and determination and Mr. Ambrose is cold silence.  Then there is also how their personalities and desires clash like a storm and the silence of his secrets. It’s just really the most perfect book title ever. My review.


A Chance for Sunny Skies

I just can’t help being drawn to words with double meanings.  I’m also a girl who thrives in the sunshine so obviously I was drawn to this novel. Then of course when I found out it is about an overweight woman named Sunny Skies who is battling her inner demons and who also loves the weather?! Well, let’s just say I could imagine her to be my fictional best friend. This is just the sweetest little rom-com, feel-good story ever.



Have you read any of these books? Do any of them tickle your fancy? What are some of your favorite book titles?


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  1. I’m a fan of Tammy’s and Nicole’s books and agree, both of these titles are unique. I’ve not read this specific one by Tammy, but as I remember, I did really enjoy Nicole’s book – and her characters. 🙂

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