Top Ten Tuesday – Traditional Christmas Covers

Today’s Topic: Holiday/Seasonal Freebie (holiday books/covers/titles, wintry reads, snow on cover, cool color covers, takes place in cold settings, cozy scenes on cover, etc.)

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Full disclosure, ya’ll. When it comes to Christmas, I am a traditionalist. I like the white lights, the red and green, the nostalgic look on artwork, paper and decorations. All you modern, trendy people can keep your flocked trees and those blue and silver color combos. And don’t get me started on pastels for Christmas!

I want Christmas covers  to elicit a Dickensian holiday, the warmth of family, peace and good cheer. Here are a few which meet my criteria in evoking that traditional Christmas feel.

Christmas at the Restaurant – A tree with white lights and red and gold ribbon is spot on for me.

An Ivy Hill Christmas – This is what I imagine a historical Christmas scene to look like. And I love the ivy at the corners of the cover. (Currently on sale for Kindle)

Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas – The open doors hint at a window into another world, much like Christmas often sparks the imagination.

The Wedding Dress Christmas – So now I’m yearning for a Christmas wedding although I am currently single and it is the worst time for a wedding. But that cover sparks dreams.

Twelve Days at Bleakly Manor – Well this doesn’t need much of an explanation does it? It looks just like what it is – an old fashioned Dickensian style Christmas.

A Holiday by Gaslight – What is it about ivy that instantly conjures the feel of a classical historical holiday?

Falling Like Snowflakes – For a a more modern cover, look at that Fair Isle sweater, the snow gathering on a red vehicle. Not to mention this features a Christmas tree farm.

The Mischief of the Mistletoe – I’ve always wanted a hooded red velvet cape to wear at Christmas! Also, I’ve always imagined old holiday cards and postcards to look a lot like this.

Tim Cratchit’s Christmas Carol – Look at the warm glow of those lights! It feels like the perfect place for a warm and cozy family holiday.

The White Christmas Inn – I’m in love with that gorgeous, full wreath hanging against a cranberry door. (Currently on sale for Kindle)

The Christmas Sisters – Growing up in Texas, we never had snow for Christmas. But this is what my sisters and I imagine it might have looked like if we did.Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe – Christmas is great for gathering people in the kitchen for the once a year social experience of communal baking.

Christmas in Paris – Most travelers dream of Christmas in New York, I’d like to experience it in Paris. Paris feel so classic.

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12 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Traditional Christmas Covers”

  1. With exception to Denise’s, I don’t know that I’ve read any of these. I keep hearing SO many good things about Mimi’s books though.

    I love white lights! They’re all I use in my indoor (and outdoor) decor. For years I decorated with a country theme (reds, greens, wood), but the last two years I bought a MUCH smaller tree for more space, and so I went with white ornaments. It’s much more elegant, but I like it for a little change. Still have all of my country ornaments though, so I suspect I’ll go back to it. (I also did a deep plum one year which was pretty too!)

    1. In all honesty, I’ve only read about half of these titles. I do think the current trend of white, gold and light neutrals for Christmas is elegant, but nothing says Christmas to me like the red and green.

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