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Today’s Topic: Inspirational/Thought-Provoking Book Quotes

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What a fun, original topic this week’s prompt is. I love quotes, but for some reason I find it much easier to remember film quotes than book quotes. The good thing about that is it led me to go back through all my book highlights to re-live some of my favorite lines.

As a lover of words and well turned phrases, I appreciate a really good quote. Some of these I chose because I found the sentiment beautiful, others because they echo my own opinion. Then there are the ones which remind me of important truths.

The Girls in the Picture

“Love, for a woman, it’s—”


“Complicated. Isn’t it? Men can be in love and it doesn’t affect anything else they do; it gives them even more cachet. It adds something to them. But for women, love doesn’t add, it subtracts. Why do I feel as if falling in love means I have to give something up?”

Up From the Sea

There was something breathtaking about it—that trees standing for a century or more before she was even born would play a symphony of wind and leaves for her now.

Jane by the Book

“Emotions have a crazy way of following our minds, if we set them with purpose.  “Here’s the truth of it, Jane. Someday you’re going to look back on your life and wish you’d taken a chance. The only way to become braver is to step out into what you fear.”

Marilla of Green Gables

“Greatness can be found anywhere. It doesn’t need grandeur. There’s greatness in the ordinary. Maybe even more than elsewhere. You remember that, Marilla.”

Finding Ever After; Rachel McMillan

“I have nothing to offer her.”

“You have everything to offer her. What you don’t have is money. But money has never given you your talent. It hasn’t purchased your loyalty. It has no hold on your morality and sense of goodness. It is just paper and weight. I don’t see your worth in sums and figures, Nic. Neither should you.”

“There are many ways to convey the same thing, and there’s value in softening the harsher messages with love.” 
Bread shouldn’t be some sort of bland, spongy starch that you use to push down your food. When it’s done right, it’s as complex as wine—the pleasantly sour flavor of well-fermented dough, the nutty quality of freshly ground wheat flour, the bitter caramel notes from the crust. Haven’t you ever wondered why the Bible says Jesus is the bread of life? Bread was once worthy of that metaphor. Somehow I don’t think He would like to be compared to Wonder Bread.”
We turn memories into stories, and if we don’t, we lose them. If the stories are gone, then the people are gone too.
“Shouldn’t I fight for what I believe in?”
“It’s not as simple as that. Fighting for what you believe in is too subjective.” I raised my head to meet her eyes. “We need to fight for truth. Your beliefs can be misguided.”
“No amount of mystery in one’s soul can escape the ever-watchful eye of God. One may carry guilt and shame with them for years, only to discover that while they attempted to dodge God’s judgment, they instead cheated themselves of His forgiveness.”
“Now be determined enough to love your flaws as much as your beauty. And be determined enough to approach the flaws you are capable of changing, and do it. Be a person you can love.”
Fiction is a way to express mankind’s deepest heart. His fears. His hopes. His failings. His successes. Fiction is truth . . . in a pretty wrapping.
She had never considered how revolutions began, but she supposed that most did start with a single person in a quiet room pondering how life should be.
What are some of your favorite book quotes?
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