Top Ten Tuesday – Single Title Books That Need a Sequel

Today’s Topic: Standalone Books That Need a Sequel

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Until I started researching my shelves for this week’s list, I had no idea how many books I read that are actually part of a series. It is not an intentional choice on my part.

Carry Me Home – Finella and Shadrach’s story was full of ups and downs. It takes the whole book for them to get together, even after all of his little acts of love and service. The ending is rather bittersweet and I would love a sequel to see how they build a life together after the tragedy they experience.

The Seamstress – This is a story that kind of crept up on me. Full of detail, it stayed with me long after I finished it. It would be interesting to read a continuation of this story set just after the French Revolution and also to check back in on the lives of the children from The Seamstress as they enter adulthood.

Gone With the Wind – No matter how many times I’ve seen the film, I always hope for a happy ending even though Scarlett doesn’t deserve one. Still, I really want to know if she ever gets Rhett back. But truly I just want more of Rhett Butler. And yes, I know about the book Scarlett, but I prefer to pretend it never happened.

Caleb + Kate – I’ve always loved this contemporary YA re-telling of Romeo and Juliet. But I’ve always wondered what happens to Caleb and Kate and their relationship as they enter their adult lives.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to re-visit the island and it’s book club? I would also love to see if Isola ever finds her love match. She certainly deserves one.

Pride and Prejudice – I can’t be the only one who really wants to know more about Kitty and Mary once their sisters are all married off? Also, how does Mr. Bennett manage that wife of his without Lizzie as a buffer?

Phantom of the Opera – What happens to the Phantom??!! Don’t we all want to know the answer to this question? This mystery has haunted me….for years!

Lost Girl of Astor Street – I really think Piper Sail needs her own series as a lady detective since she proved herself so capable solving her best friend’s disappearance. Plus, I would like too see more of her and Mariano together.

Jane of Austin – I really want to peek back into the lives of the Woodward sisters and see where they are now. And I’m curious to learn if Celia ever finds love.

These Healing Hills – This book reads like an Appalachian Call the Midwife. It would be fun to read more of the adventures Francine has serving the people of Kentucky with the Frontier Nursing Service.

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    1. She really did. Like for instance what happens Anne Elliot’s selfish father and sister after she married and was no longer around to take care of them? Also, I wouldn’t mind a sequel to Emma focusing the Weston’s new marriage and baby. I loved her governess/friend.

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