Top Ten Tuesday -Series I’ve Given Up On

Today’s Topic: Series I’ve Given Up On/Don’t Plan to Finish

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Although I probably have more reading time than most, it isn’t near enough to conquer my massive TBR list. Unfortunately, this means many books I purchase don’t end up being read. And though I almost never DNF a book, I do sometimes DNF a series. It’s rarely because I don’t like the series. Most of the times it is because a lot of time has passed in between the books I’ve read and the ones still remaining and I lose interest. Other times, I like the first book or two in the series, but I just don’t find them compelling enough to continue. With reading time a valuable commodity, a series must keep me intrigued over the length of the entire series. I may finish a single title that I find less than fascinating, but I won’t invest the time into a whole series.

Grand Tour Series -Lisa Bergren

I’m a fan of Lisa’s books. In fact her River of Time and Novel of the Gifted series are favorites. I thought I would love this young adult series of siblings taking the Grand European tour, but somehow, I got halfway through the second book and just never finished.

The Carthage Chronicles -Lynne Gentry

I love time travel stories and this one about a female doctor who finds herself in Roman Carthage sounded intriguing. But these books have been sitting on my shelf a while and I have doubts as to whether I will ever get to them.

Forgotten Castles -Jamie Carie

Sadly, this series fell victim to my tendency to speed read through certain sections without actually reading the whole book. Now I know enough of the story, that I don’t think I will invest the time to actually read the whole thing.

House of Winslow -Gilbert Morris

Back in the day, I read every Gilbert Morris book I could get my hands on. He was one of the first prolific authors of historical Christian fiction. I even read this series which follows a family over centuries and generations. However, this series was like the Energizer Bunny, that just kept going and going and going. Somewhere around book 20 or 21 I just gave up. The series finally finished at title number 40.

Sadler’s Legacy -Rosslyn Elliot

I read two out of three books about the Hanby family and Otterbein College in 1800’s Ohio. It introduced me to a piece of real American history I had never heard of before. But I never purchased book three and now I doubt I will.

Elite Guardians -Lynette Eason

When I say romantic suspense isn’t my go to genre, I mean it. I had heard such great things about this series about female bodyguards, that I gave it a try. I did enjoy book one, but with so many other series in genres I enjoy more waiting on my TBR, I doubt I will ever finish this one.

Treasures of His Love -Mesu Andrews

I love good biblical fiction and have read two out four books in this series about biblical characters. However, with enough time passing and new releases by this author, I don’t think I will finish this one.

Venture Books -R.H. Russell

I actually liked the first book in this dystopian series about a young MMA fighter. I thought the series had been discontinued however, until I just found that it has been reissued under the name Riley Russell. I may at some point finish these, especially since it’s outside of my usual comfort zone.

Eyes of E’veria -Serena Chase

I actually liked books one and two of this fantasy/fairytale series. I always meant to continue, but time got away from me.

The Poland Trilogy -James Conroyd Martin

I’m trying to branch out more in the subjects I read. I’m a history buff and this series set in Poland fits my interests. I learned so much reading book one, but I just don’t see myself finishing the series.



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