Top Ten Tuesday – Rom-Com Opening Lines

Today’s Topic: Opening Lines (Best, favorite, funny, unique, shocking, gripping, lines that grabbed you immediately, etc.)

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

My favorite opening lines are generally found in romantic comedies. So here are a few from my most recent reads.

If one was going to dip one’s toes into the murky, pestilential waters of online dating, an escape plan was critical.

The secret to the perfect life is to always have a plan.

On Sunday I work in sans serif.

Only in Ainsley Jamison’s life would her own letdown find a way to shoot her in the face as retribution for oversleeping.

Bog roll. That’s as exciting as my life gets.

If you ever happen to see a vertically challenged brunette wandering aimlessly in a mall parking lot while yelling at herself, don’t call the cops. It’s just me, trying to find my car.

The entire Bennet clan was squirrelly.

I lost it in the bathroom.

Food. Food and coffee. I knew those should be my priority.

The moment Lauren saw the girl dressed in brilliant fuschia, teetering along on mile-high heels, a fascinator bobbing in her hair like an exotic bird of paradise, she knew she’d gotten it wrong.

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9 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Rom-Com Opening Lines”

  1. Rom-Coms always have the best opening lines! I haven’t read all of these yet, so I found a couple I need to give a shot. I love me some Penny Reid books, though. Hers are always good. I had a different one on my list today, but I love this one as well.

    1. That’s what I thought too! That’s why I chose rom-coms this week. I love Penny’s books too. I can’t wait for the new one with Cletus and Jen.

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