Top Ten Tuesday -Book Recommendations for Arm Chair Travelers

Aside from reading one of my grand passions in life is travel. I love exploring other countries and cultures. However, in the last several years I haven’t been able to travel as much as I would like for various reasons. Luckily for me, I can still experience the world through my arm chair travels and so can you.

For today’s theme from The Broke and The Bookish  I’ve chosen books which feature settings from around the world. I’ve tried to feature more contemporary than historical books, to mimic what the current geography and culture of these countries would be if you were physically there. But since historical fiction is my jam, some of those titles have slipped in. Click on the title for more information on each story.

British Isles -Ireland, Scotland, Wales

If You Could See Me Now -Cecelia Ahern/There You’ll Find Me -Jenny B Jones/Within the Veil -Brandy Vallance/King Raven Trilogy -Stephen Lawhead/The Winter Sea -Susanna Kearsley/Five Days in Skye -Carla Laureano/Grounded Hearts -Jeanne M Dickson/The Beauty of Perhaps -Eryn Scott

Europe -France, Belgium, Italy, Germany

HIgh as the Heavens -Kate Breslin/Wolves Among Us -Ginger Garrett/Chateau of Echoes -Siri Mitchell/Chasing the Butterfly -Jayne Mansfield/P.S. From Paris -Marc Levy/All the Way to Heaven -Becky Doughty/The Portrait of Emily Price -Katherine Reay/Gladly Beyond -Nichole Van/The Bridge -Jill Cox/Bon Appetit -Sandra Byrd/Secrets She Kept -Cathy Gohlke


Moon Over Tokyo -Siri Mitchell/Safely Home -Randy Alcorn/All the Tea in China -Jane Orcutt

South America

A Company of Swans -Eva Ibbotson/Not Exactly Eden -Linda Windsor/Elusive Hope -Marylu Tyndall/The Last Earl -Laura Blunte/The DMZ -Jeanette Windle/The Canopy -Angela Hunt


Sands of Time-Susan May Warren/Everything’s Coming Up Josie  -Susan May Warren/The Midwife of St. Petersburg -Linda Lee Chaikin

The Middle East

Conspiracy of Silence -Ronie Kendig/The Covered Deep -Brandy Vallance/Countdown in Cairo -Noel Hynd



Love Muffin and Chai Latte -Anya Wilde/Veiled at Midnight -Christine Lindsay



The Girl From The Train -Irma Joubert/Blood Ransom -Lisa Harris/A Whisper of Adventure -Catherine Palmer


The Shadow and the Star -Laura Kinsale/Black Sands -Colleen Coble/Free Fall -Kristen Heitzmann


Carry Me Home -Dorothy Adamek/A Simple Mistake -Andrea Grigg/Then There Was You -Kara Issac/Close to You -Kara Isaac

What are some of your favorite places to visit during your arm chair travels?  Which books take you there?

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3 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday -Book Recommendations for Arm Chair Travelers”

  1. What a fun list, Brittaney! I spy some favorites. Love (lovelvoe) Jenny’s as well as Kara’s “Close to You” and Katherine Reay’s, and years ago I read ‘A Whisper of Danger.’ I hear ‘China’ is a brilliant read, am curious about “The Bridge” (bought a copy of that one!) and Ronie’s (of course!), “Freefall,” and “The Beauty of Perhaps” looks really interesting! 🙂

    Fun topic (armchair adventures are my favorite!) and list. 🙂

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