Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons I Pick Up a Book

Today’s Topic: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

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This week’s post is going to be short and sweet. I’m pretty sure the reasons I pick up a book are pretty similar to why others choose books as well. I’m not going to pretend I’ve broken the mold and I won’t bore you with too much detail.

  1. Cover – I regularly buy a book that I know nothing about simply because I fall in love with the cover. There have been a few duds, but for the most part, I’ve discovered some real gems this way.
  2. Author – I’m extremely author loyal. If I find an author whose work I love, they automatically go on my auto-buy list for any new releases.
  3. Genre – Speaking of loyalty, I also love historical fiction, so if I run across a book or author I’m unfamiliar with, I may still buy it anyway if it’s my favorite genre. The opposite is also true, I tend to avoid certain genres like the plague. Hey, what can I say? I know what I like!
  4. Positive Reviews – Sometimes I’ll take a chance on a book I’m unsure of or one that I’ve never heard of if it has really good reviews. Especially if those reviews are by people or bloggers I trust.
  5. Setting/Location – I’m always on the look out for books set in specific places like Russia, Eastern Europe, Italy etc. Reading is arm chair traveling for me so I like to visit places that I’ve never been or already love. That being said, I also enjoy certain fictional settings created by an author for a series.
  6. Continuation of a Series -When I start a book, I don’t usually pay attention to whether it’s a single title or part of a series. But when I found it belongs in a series, I have to read the whole thing!
  7. Kindle Sale – No lie, I’ve lost track of the number of books I’ve added to my collection because they were on sale or free on Kindle. And what is my criteria for these purchases? A beautiful cover, they are in my preferred genres, I know the author or the back blurb sounds interesting.

What are some reasons you choose a book?

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10 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons I Pick Up a Book”

  1. I am insanely author loyal, too, but I think a lot of readers tend to be to some extent, because why wouldn’t you pick up a book by an author you’ve previously loved? Aha, your last one makes me laugh. My Kindle TBR has become a never-ending black void that will probably one day eat me … and I’d most likely deserve it, so that’s fair play, I guess. Between the Kindle daily email and BookBub and just Amazon recommendations, I spend waaaay too much money on free or $1 – $2 books. Most of which I haven’t actually gotten to yet, even though I intended to. It’s a huge downfall for me. xD

    Here’s my TTT post.

    1. I completely relate. It’s so easy to buy a book when it’s that cheap, because if I don’t like it…oh, well. But I’ve started trying to limit myself on these purchases only to books I’m REALLY interested in.

      1. That’s what I’ve had to do recently, too. xD I have a special Amazon list of books I REALLY want, so that when they go on sale I can buy them, but that’s it. Last time I tried to organize my books on my Kindle, it took foreverrr haha. I learned my lesson.

  2. I love Russian and Eastern European settings as well. I don’t have the Kindle problem, but I continually have more books checked out from my library than I could possibly read, even with their very generous renewal policies.

  3. Setting is also something that tempts me. I love a good armchair adventure, and I straight up admit that I’m 100% a cover snob. Probably not a good thing, but ’tis true. 😉

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