Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons I Love Reading

Today’s Topic: Reasons Why I Love Reading

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I’m always baffled by people who don’t enjoy reading. Honestly, I wonder what is wrong with them, but then I have to remind myself not to judge. Everyone has different interests and passions. However, I still feel sad for those people because I feel they are missing out on one of the great experiences of life. Here are a few reasons I love to read:

  1. Time Travel – as someone who has always loved history, I love how a well written historical novel can immerse me in a period and a culture which would have to be left to my imagination otherwise
  2.  Armchair Travel – Speaking of travelling (which is something I also love to do), a contemporary book can instantly transport me to Russian, small town Arkansas, South Africa or Chicago for only the cost of the book. With Covid restrictions last year, that was something I valued even more than usual
  3. Living Other Lives – reading a book allows me, through vicarious experience, to become a fearless spy for a black ops team, a baker in a small dusty Texas town, or an actress working for her big break. I live a thousand different lives. A side benefit of that is that it gives me a better understanding and more compassion for people who think, act or live differently than I do.
  4. Honing my wordsmith and vocabulary skills -I really believe that learning to read at a young age instilled in me a love of language. A well turned phrase brings me such pleasure and learning new words to use in my daily life challenges me in good ways. I’ve developed a strong believe in the power of language to move, shape and influence people and culture.
  5. Making new character friends – Does anyone else get attached to characters to the point where they feel like your friends? This is one of the main reasons I am a proponent of re-reading a favorite story. Because it feels like returning home to visit old friends again. The story never changes, but there is something comforting in that constancy
  6. Making new real friends – Whether it be other readers or the authors themselves, reading has connected me with people who share my passion. It’s nice to have a tribe of people who understand my love for story even if we only meet online.
  7. Discovering new authors – One of the things I love best is to find new favorite authors to add to my already very long list. I look at it a bit like a treasure hunt, but when I stumble across a new one, I get a thrill out if it. Of course, I then have to share that discovery with fellow readers.
  8. Familiar voices – When I find an author I enjoy, I am loyal. I will buy and read every book they release. Part of that is because I’ve become familiar with their style  and I trust them. It’s nice to pick up a book and know what to expect and to hear that author’s  voice woven through out.
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9 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Reasons I Love Reading”

  1. Oh, I love #8! One of the reasons I love to read is that it exposes me to different perspectives. However, I also enjoy finding books that speak to my own experiences because they make me feel more understood and seen. That hadn’t really occurred to me until you mentioned it. Great list!

    Happy TTT!


  2. I’m all about author loyalty! Sometimes I feel like this is limiting because I don’t tend to wander (often) outside of the genres/authors I like, but I also understand and know what I like and if that’s what I enjoy most, I figure why try to fix it!? 🙂

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