Top Ten Tuesday – Non-Bookish Hobbies

Today’s Topic:  Non-Bookish Hobbies

Hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

As much as I love books and reading, it is nice to have the opportunity to share about other things I love.

  1. Watching Movies – If you’ve spent any time on my website, you’ve probably noticed I love watching movies as much as I do reading. In particular, I really enjoy classic films.
  2. Travel – Whether it’s a quick weekend girls getaway or a once in a lifetime trip to Israel, I’ve always loved to travel. I enjoy seeing new places, and experiencing other cultures, foods and sights.
  3. Museums – Boy, do I love a good museum! I love the exposure these grant to art and experiences, I might otherwise miss. And I’m no museum snob, I’ve been to both big and small ones as they all have something to offer. In fact, my favorite museum is still the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO, thanks to the immersive experience it provides.
  4. Writing – I’ve always loved the power and creativity behind how words fit together. It’s such a thrilling thing to find the perfect blend of them to share an idea or thought. I’m a strong believer in their ability to influence and change lives and while I’m not saying my writing does that, I like that I get to participate in a very small way.
  5. Family Time -There’s little that brings me greater joy than spending time with my family, particularly in challenging times like these. There’s a great level of comfort in being with people who know, love and accept you while also challenging you to continue to grow. Plus, my family has so much fun together. We like to tease and laugh and joke which is something I’m in sore need of this year.
  6. Sleeping – Can sleeping be a hobby? As much as I love my sleep it should be. I’m just going to claim it as one. There’s nothing better than crawling in between my sheets and sinking down into my bed at the end of a long day. Of course, I also enjoy naps.
  7. Eating Chips & Salsa – I don’t know if this is a hobby so much as an addiction or compulsion. I’m pretty sure if you opened my veins, you’d find salsa running through them.
  8. Politics –  Ever since I’ve watched my first election as an eight year old girl, I’ve been fascinated by politics and our government. Though recent years have seen it become more and more divisive (which I hate), I love the concept behind our American way of governing. It is a perfect system? Absolutely not. But it is one that offers hope and a voice to every individual who chooses to participate. I’m so proud and thankful to be an American and the freedoms that affords me.


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14 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday – Non-Bookish Hobbies”

  1. We both love movies and sleep! I always loved museums as a kid and I was building a list of museums I wanted to visit on my trip to Japan, which was obviously cancelled. Boo.

  2. I love family time. I’ve been getting a ton of it since COVID hit, but I’m not going to complain because I never would have got this time with my daughter and husband otherwise.

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