Top Ten Tuesday – My Ten Most Recent Reads

Today’s Topic: My Ten Most Recent Reads

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I’ve had some pretty good reading experiences lately. So, I’m glad this week is giving me an opportunity to share them.


Love at First – A cute little rom-com. Loved the aspect of a family community it featured. Plus, I’m a sucker for all the elderly characters.

The Love Note – This romantic story with a deeper message caught me by surprise

Ginger: My Story – I was slightly disappointed by this autobiography which read more like a diary of events and people. It failed to give access to the real soul behind this famous dancing star.

American Princess: A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt – I’ve long been fascinated by Theodore Roosevelt and thoroughly enjoyed this novelization about the life of his oldest daughter.

All of You Always – I’m a fan of the author, but this felt a bit flat to me and I rushed through this shorter story just to be finished.

Twice Shy – Yet another cute rom-com. I really enjoyed the setting as well as the characterization.

The Songbook of Benny Lament – Wow! This one left me speechless in a good way. Just when you think Amy Harmon can’t write any better…she does.

The Jane Austen Society – A pre-war English village, a bunch of Jane Austen lovers forming a group, and that quintessential British charm and reserve, what’s not to love?

Beauty Among Ruins – Though this wasn’t my favorite of the author’s books, her irrepressible heroine and the Scottish setting won me over.

George Cukor: A Double Life – After discovering this biography in a used book store, I appreciated learning more about the director behind some of my favorite films and performances.


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