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Today’s Topic: Comfort Reads (Share which books or kinds of books you turn to when you need to escape. You can either share specific titles if you love to re-read, or you could share qualities of books you look for in a comfort read.)

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I’m thinking slightly outside the box with this week’s topic and sharing some of my favorite comfort films. In case the name of my website doesn’t clue you in, I love a good story, whether it comes from a book or a movie or even another source.  Both a book and a film can transport you to another world, but a film provides the visuals that a book does not and gives you a slightly different experience. No matter what the source I do love to re-visit books or films I’ve loved. It feesl like coming home, gives me a sense of safety and familiarity in knowing how it all will end and seeing people I’ve missed.  So without further ado….

The Man From Snowy River – This Australian western is a huge part of my memories and family history, in so many ways. Not only have I seen the movie innumerable times, but I also own the soundtrack and full music score. Plus, one of my family members was actually named after one of the characters. I can’t go too long a period of time without needing to see it again.

While You Were Sleeping – How much do I love this film, let me count the ways. Only I can’t put my reasons into words. Is it the sweet relationship that develops between Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman’s characters? Is it Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows? Maybe it’s the crazy but loving family that can’t keep their noses and opinions out of the business of the main characters? Whatever the case, everything about this movie is perfection.

The Philadelphia Story – This is one of my first exposures to classic film and a very important one, as it sparked a new love for me and also introduced me to Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.  There are a few problematical scenes of dialogue, but it’s so very quotable, not to mention it’s cast is fabulous and the supporting actors almost steal scenes from the leads.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – I’m not big on musicals, but this one from my childhood is one I appreciate more and more as I get older.  It has one of the best group dance numbers ever filmed (at the barn-raising) and at least one really ridiculous musical number that my sister and I enjoy mocking for fun. The nostalgia factor is high, and it is so colorful and fun, I can never resist.

Manhattan Melodrama -Sometimes I just need a dose of Clark Gable. He is the perfect blend of that macho he-man with a sprinkle of little boy charm. It’s hard to pick just one of his films, since there are so many I love, but ultimately chose this one since it also stars some other personal favorites of mine, William Powell and Myrna Loy. Any one of them alone onscreen make me happy, but the three of them together **chef’s kiss** are the trifecta.

The Man Who Knew Too Little – I wouldn’t call myself a Bill Murray fan, but I’ve watched this comedy so many times I know it by heart. It’s silly but brings me so much joy in its’ utter ridiculousness and spoofing of international spy tropes.

The Magic of Ordinary Days – I watch a lot of Hallmark movies, but it’s very rare that I will re-watch one, must less buy a copy. This is a slower paced, but thoughtful story about sacrificial love in action. Keri Russell is downright ethereal as the main lead.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E – I’m still bummed that there is no sequel to this really fun updated take on the sixties television series. With gorgeous costumes and cinematography, great chemistry among the cast and ultimately one of my favorite bromances on screen, I never get tired of watching it.

The Hundred Foot Journey – I’m not at all a foodie, but there is something about the loving way this film approaches food while at the same time confronting and incorporating cultural differences that is sensitive and compelling. Of course, I am totally in love with the French village setting which is my dream life.

McLintock! – This was my first John Wayne film and still my favorite, thanks to some very funny scenes. Long time friend Maureen O’Hara also stars in this picture about two estranged spouses brought back together for the sake of their daughter. I still laugh during the group mud fight scene, but I also really love the serious one on one talk he has with his daughter about the loving reason why he refuses to pass on his wealth to her,


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