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I originally had a hard time settling on a topic for this week’s freebie. But then, a flash of genius! I realized that as much as I love a good meet cute on film (a topic I’ve written about a couple of times) I also enjoy them in fiction. So today, I’m sharing some of the more memorable and interesting meet cutes I’ve run across in my reading adventures.

Tilly Hunter and Marcus Walker in Covent Garden in the Snow – Tilly is known to be hazardous to any type of technology. She inadvertently infects her entire workplace with a computer virus and her solution is to pull the plug on her own computer. Just as she backs out from under her desk (with her unmentionables showing), in walks the new head of IT. How embarrassing.

Ava Breevort and Caleb Scott in Fight or Flight – It’s hate and violent attraction at first sight for these two who meet when he steals her place in line at the airport….twice and then rudely insults her. The nerve!!

Ada Carmichael & Tom Darley in Carry Me Away – The sole survivors of a shipwreck, these two share a bond forged when he rescues her from drowning.

Tiffy & Leon in The Flatshare – What I love about this meet cute, is that they essentially “meet” without physically meeting. When Tiffy & Leon agree to share a one bedroom flat, the two begin exchanging notes in the space they share and come to share a really sweet relationship.

Lady Jane Everard & Lord Andrew Langston in Suffering the Scot – First impressions can be so important, especially with the man who is coming to take over your family property. Of course Lady Jane doesn’t expect to meet him after being thrown in the river by her mule while literally and loudly cursing her bad luck. My Review

Dillon Hayes and Liam Gamble in The Waves – How awkward is it when your meet cute turns into working together to survive after you both are stranded in the middle of the ocean? I mean, we’ve all been there, right?!

Beck Holliday & Bruno Endicott in The Memory House – Technically, these two have already met, having shared summers together in their childhood. Unfortunately, a past trauma has given Beck selective amnesia and she has no memories of her childhood friend. So, it’s a bit weird when he sees her again for the first time in years and she acts like she doesn’t know him.

Sir Guarin D’Argent & Lady Hawisa in Fearless– Nothing gets a romance off on the wrong foot quite like being taken prisoner by the beautiful enemy you just rescued. Poor Guarin. My Review

Anastasia Romanov & Zash in Romanov – It’s difficult to fall for your Bolshevik captor, especially when he reacts rudely to your initial overtures of friendship. But sometimes, one must look beyond bad first impressions to see the person behind the cold outer shell.

Lilly Linton and Rikkard Ambrose in Storm and Silence – Rarely will you meet two stronger, more stubborn characters. It’s certainly the first time Mr. Ambrose, the wealthiest, miserliest, most feared man in London has ever met a woman who can outsmart him. In Lilly’s determination to gain independence, she tricks this ice cold business titan into hiring her while she’s dressed like a man. From there on out, it’s a battle of the sexes as he tries to get rid of the woman he accidentally hired. My Review 

Adela McGirth and Red Feather in Beneath the Blackberry Moon: The Red Feather – This cross-cultural romance begins when she first witnesses him riding with a war party and later finds herself taken captive after that same war party unleashes violence and death upon her community. But Adela is the rare woman who can see past the circumstances to the steadfast heart beneath the face of the enemy. My Review

Ashley Winston & Drew Runous in Beauty and the Mustache – Penny Reid is an expert at writing fascinating characters and interesting meet cutes. But my favorite of them all is the first meeting between Ashley and Drew. Ashley is rudely awakened by a loud car engine early one morning and storms down in a rampage. Thinking one of her brothers is behind the wheel, she reaches in and twists the nipple of the offender only to discover it is a stranger she’s never met before. Oops! Despite that mistake, it’s love at first sight for Drew.

Mia and Paul in P.S. From Paris – Have you ever had a bad blind date? Mia and Paul  certainly have a most interesting one. Both are set up on blind dates by their friends and mistake each other for those dates. But they decide to make the most of it by being friends. My Review

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  1. Ah, great topic and so many books that caught my eyes! The only one I’ve read is Romanov. BUT, such a great read. I’m definitely adding quite a few of these other books to my TBR. Thank you for sharing! Love a good meet cute!

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