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My real life travel bucket list is so long it would take me a couple of lifetimes to fulfill it. So this week’s topic prompt is a particular favorite since it combines two of my passions; books and travel! I love the idea of having a fictional travel bucket list. And just like my real life list, there are so many fictional destinations I’ve enjoyed visiting.


Lenox, OregonLove in Lenox Series by Nicole Deese -Since I’ve never actually spent any time in Oregon in my real life, I’m thankful to be able to visit it fictionally. I really, really hope that there is a town like Lenox in real life Oregon.

Deep Haven, Minnesota – Deep Haven Series by Susan May Warren -Warren is an expert at writing small towns. I’m not a fan of Minnesota winters. But as everyone knows it is the residents and a neighborly atmosphere which make small towns so appealing. And though winter may be long and cold here, the citizens are nothing but warm.

Maple Valley, IowaEnchanted:Christmas Collection &  Walker Family Series by Melissa Tagg -This town boasts an old bank building converted to a restaurant, a railroad depot museum and one of the best families in fiction. Iowa never looked so good!

Mullaby, North CarolinaThe Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Allen Addison -A small southern town with its’ charm and secrets, Mullaby is a true destination for those who also like a little magic. Read my Review.

Summer Harbor, Maine The Summer Harbor Collection by Denise Hunter -Hunter has written several series set in small towns which I enjoy visiting. But I’m partial to Summer Harbor, because I adore Maine. And it doesn’t hurt that the main characters run a Christmas tree farm.

Farthering Village, 1930’s EnglandDrew Farthering Mysteries by Julianna Deering -An historical English village? I mean, who could resist such a charming pleasant place. Who cares that a couple people die and a murderer may well be afoot? Read my Review of Death by the Book.

Natchitoches, Louisiana –Cane River Romances by Mary Jane Hathaway -Although Natchitoches is an actual place which I have visited and is featured in the film Steel Magnolias, I want to visit this version of the town and make friends with all its’ charming residents.

Skary IndianaBoo Series by Rene Gutteridge – When your town’s claim to fame is a resident horror novelist who no longer writes in the genre, you have a problem. When you add in all the quirky residents he interacts with, you have a comedy.

Harper’s Station, Texas Ladies of Harper’s Station by Karen Witemeyer -Harper’s Station is run by women and only accepts female residents. And don’t doubt that these ladies are entirely capable of taking care of themselves.


Baxter House – Light in the Garden by Heather Burch -Who wouldn’t love to visit an old mansion on the Floridian beach with quirks built in by it’s original owner, a circus man? It also happens to possess a very special healing tree in the back garden. Read my Review.

Klausmeyer Boarding House in Chicago 1893 Tiffany Girl -Deeanne Gist -Boarding houses remind me a bit of college dorm life. This particular boarding house with it’s quirky characters and dinner games sounds like a fun place to live.

Livingston Boarding House, Washington D.C. 1890’s –With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden -I bet the political discussions at this turn of the century D.C. house would be fascinating.

Mille Mots, Southern France pre & post WWI At the Edge of Summer by Jessica Brockmole -This graciously crumbling southern French manor home sounds like every Francophile’s dream come true.

Brooke House, New York 1870’s –Nocturne For a Widow by Amanda DeWees -I’m a sucker for the old Hudson River Valley estates, particularly when they may possess old ghosts and gothic details. Add in a handsome tempermental musician and I’m sold.

Eastbourne, Bedfordshire England 1830’s –Price of Privilege Series by Jessica Dotta-The home of Chance Macy, it reflects the dichotomies of his character.  The lush interior belies the uninhabitable exterior. And the house itself is as mysterious as its’ owner. Who is Chance Macy? Friend or foe? (This is one of my favorite series ever!)

BradfordwoodBradford Sisters Romances by Becky Wade -Located in the Pacific Northwest, this mansion is home to the Bradford family and a great place for hosting parties.

Blackmoore, Northern England 1820’s –Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson -Kate Worthington is enamored with the home of childhood friend and secret love Henry Delafield. But it is also a symbol of everything that stands between them. It also sounds deliciously gothic.

SCHOOLS -Considering I always wanted to study abroad in Paris, the boarding schools in these two stories sound like a dream come true.

Center LafayetteThe Bridge by Jill Cox, Read my Review.

School of AmericaAnna and the French Kiss -Stephanie Perkins


McDonald Guest House –Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano-A small boutique hotel on the gorgeous Isle of Skye which boasts a charismatic chef? Yes, please.

The Red Door InnThe Red Door Inn Series by Liz Johnson – A charming B&B located on Anne’s Prince Edward Island is an easy sell.

RESTAURANT/BAKERIES -We all know one of the best parts of travelling to new places is the food, right?

Two Blue Doors RestaurantTwo Blue Doors Series by Hillary Manton Lodge -Located in Portland, Oregon and co-owned by French-Italian siblings Nico and Juliette D’Alisa, this small but charming eatery has a creative menu and romantic ambiance.

Cream or Sugar BakeryMeant to Be Mine by Becky Wade -I’m a fan of main street bakeries, particularly if they are in small town Texas.  I wouldn’t mind walking into this one and hope to find Celia giving Ty a piece of her mind.


Ringling CircusThe Ringmaster’s Wife by Kristy Cambron -I would love to jump in a time machine for a behind the scenes look at how a circus is run. Thankfully, this book transports me just as easily to the heyday of this special form of entertainment. Read my Review

Di Gratia Vineyard, Sonoma CaliforniaThe Tender Vine by Kristen Heitzmann -Although run by an Italian family instead of a Spanish one, this vineyard gives me major A Walk in the Cloud vibes.

Kindred Spirit MailboxThe Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen -Located on the Carolina coastline, this special mailbox is a place to leave your hopes, dream, disappointment and loss in the hands of an anonymous reader.

Thomas Hunter’s DreamsThe Circle Series by Ted Dekker -I’ve always been fascinated by how real dreams can seem and have often wondered if they are actually as real as our waking life. Thomas Hunter’s story gives credence to this and makes for a unique method of travelling between worlds.

There’s No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern -Who wouldn’t love to visit the place where all lost things end up? I’m really hoping that my favorite necklace is there and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the things that everyone else is missing.




Regency England (1800’s)House of Oak Series by Nichole Van -If you love England and in particular Regency England, then you can be my fictional travel buddy. Then we can take tea and stare at gentlemen in cravats to our hearts’ content.

Medieval England & War of the Roses England – Beyond Time Series byTamara Leigh -Medical issues as a time travel portal is an interesting concept. Though I have no desire for a brain tumor, I’ve always loved medieval history and would love to see it for myself.

Renaissance Italy (1400’s) & Mexican California (1840’s)River of Time Series & River of Time California Series by Lisa Bergren -As a fan and student of history I would love to be able to travel to those time periods and places I’ve studied. Italy and California both have a unique history which would be fun to experience.

What are some of your favorite fictional destinations? Have you visited any of the ones I’ve listed?

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    1. I’m definitely going to be checking Letters from Skye. If you liked the Farthering book, you might like the Amory Ames series by Ashley Weaver. I just finished the Murder at the Brightwell and adored it.

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