Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Real-Life Settings

Today’s Topic: Halloween Freebie

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I’m sorry to say that I’ve never been that big of a fan of Halloween. So, I’m going way off course on this week’s freebie.

As someone who loves to travel and experience new faces and places, I find books offer the perfect substitute during these travel-restricted times. Today, I’m featuring books set in places I have or would like to visit in real life.

Cornwall – there is something that feels so atmospheric and mysterious about this county in Southwest England. It’s definitely one of my favorite book settings and one I really want to see for myself one day

France (not including Paris) – I’m a long time Francophile. As much as I adore Paris, there are so many other amazing places to experience in this country, each with their own sub-culture.


Ireland – What is it about Ireland that calls to so many people. Is it the history? the culture? the music? All I know is until I see it for myself, I will experience it vicariously through books.


Russia – I really can’t say when, where or why my obsession with Russia began. It feels familiar and yet very foreign. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people share my interest in this country as there aren’t that many books set here and the ones that are, are historical not contemporary.


Vienna – This choice is solely Rachel McMillan’s fault. Until I read her Vienna series, Paris was always my favorite, most desired city. But reading her books, made me fall in love with this city I’ve never been to and now it’s on the top of my travel bucket list.


Appalachians – I get the same feeling about this setting as I do Cornwall. It feels thick with atmosphere and a unique culture. Maybe it’s those misty mountains?


Scotland & The Scottish Isles  – I think I’m even more fascinated by the Scottish Isles than Scotland itself. But I find both equally compelling. My only wish is that the Scottish accent translated as well as the page as it does to the ear.


American South – Though my home state of Texas isn’t technically considered part of the Deep South, I still feel an affinity for Southern food, culture and that special twang/drawl.


Australia & New Zealand – Though these two countries are not inter-changeable, they are located in the same part of the world. New Zealand was always on my dad’s bucket list and I’ve been interested in Australia thanks to childhood movies like The Man from Snowy River and Crocodile Dundee.

Maine – I’ve long adored Maine, particularly the coast. My dream is to have a summer cottage there one day. Until then, I will visit it via books.


Hudson Valley -This area of New York is unique thanks to its historical roots. Wealthy Dutch settled the area and their way of life permeated the culture here. I’ve always been fascinated by this area of the country and would love to read more about it.


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